Why I no longer consider Dash to be a cryptocurrency

Voices of Dash Nation series, taken from Reddit.

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Long-time Dash holder here.

I always expected that, sooner or later, the “cryptosphere” would figure out that Dash is the industry’s best-kept secret, and that there’d be a gradual but massive switch away from inferior payment coins to Dash.

It took the recent split of Bitcoin Cash — and the resulting survival of both chains — for me to realize that for the most part, early adopters of cryptocurrency are either unwilling to or are incapable of investing in anything resembling a scaleable, mass-marketable product.

I guess this is why many early adopters rail so hard against banks: because for the most part, banks work. They’re accessible, convenient, and life-improving for billions of people. Unlike cryptocurrency.

If cryptocurrency is defined by chain splits, credible 51% threats, blockchain rewinds, replay attacks, wasted electricity, coin seizures, the inability to hard-fork, the inability to govern, cults-of-personality, the tragedy of the commons, sophistry, broke foundations, unpredictable fees, hideous user interfaces, confirmation wait times, nothing-at-stake infrastructure, political node spin-ups, the inability to verify true coin supply, and full blocks… then Dash is not a cryptocurrency. And good riddance.