DASH – The Name Is What We Made It

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What’s in a name?

A name is often a very hard thing to come up with. In the case of a business or organization, a name can go a long way in describing what your business is all about. Examples such as SpaceX, Bob’s Pizza, or TD Ameritrade literally describe themselves by reading their names. On the other hand, there are some names that don’t tell anybody anything, or even lead to other assumptions, just by reading them. I’m sure that Amazon, Apple, and Google had to go through a lot before they became recognizable just by the name to the types of businesses they were building.

When the big debate arose in Dash about the then current name Darkcoin, a lot of people felt that an association with the word “dark” was a bad thing. Global adoption could not be achieved with such a name, was the prevailing opinion, so a debate was had over what to call the currency. When the name Dash started gaining popularity due to the ingenious portmanteau of digital cash, some people were concerned that that name was too generic, that there was too much competition for attention with it.

Proponents of the name pointed to its obvious resonance with average people, as everyone can understand “digital” and “cash” and the meanings associated with them. But the harder argument had to be made that with a little effort, Dash could change over time what the meaning of that term was, just had done Amazon, Google, and Apple. Due to the tremendous goals of the project of being a medium of exchange and a platform for the entire world to use, it was inevitable that one day we would overshadow our competitors for the name Dash, and begin to dominate the search results for that term.

The decision was made to switch to Dash from Darkcoin, and the decision is proving to be one of the best ever made by the community. The generic nature of the name gave it room to attract partnerships and integrations from businesses that may or may not have given Darkcoin a chance. Along the way a new dominant meaning for the term Dash is being forged, and recently the bland generic Dash name has become the top search result on Google today (sorry to the Kardashians, my wife likes the clothes from Dash boutique, but the name belongs to digital cash now). I don’t have to imagine anymore what Google, Apple, and Amazon felt like when they achieved this feat with their more established rivals.

With Dash, we have and will continue to define the term. Soon the whole world will associate Dash with digital cash, a global platform for exchanging value instantaneously and optionally privately. The name is genius in its simplicity.

Apple. Amazon. Google. and now Dash. Enjoy the future.