Dash community: Looking for talent for!

One of the founding principles of the Dash Nation movement is that anyone can contribute. Each person has their individual strengths, and they can use these strengths to help grow the Dash ecosystem or help others. As more and more people begin to contribute in the best way they can, we can grow this revolutionary monetary, technological and social project to its full potential that much faster.

As the Dash Nation movement continues to grow (Dash Nation on Discord recently surpassed 8,000 members), we now have more community members to provide talent for grassroots projects. One of those grassroots projects is this website.

The vision for Dash Nation is in the website

When I began the concept of this website, it was to provide a portal for information about Dash and its community. I didn’t (and still don’t) have that much skill with web design, so I had to rely heavily on a former community member to help out. lay dormant for a good long time, as I concentrated my efforts on moderation in Dash Nation Slack, followed by Dash Nation on Discord. Recently, though, myself and some others have been breathing life back into it, and are ready to take the next step.

As this site is what I consider a grassroots website, made by the Dash community for the Dash community, we would like to take it to the next level. But, to make it thrive and help attract newcomers to Dash, we will need your help. If your Dash Nation strength lies in web design, writing, video creating, graphics, or anything else pertaining to making a website that would be the envy of other cryptos, we want to hear from you!

The Dash Nation movement: Grassroots efforts to grow the Dash project.

Details, Tao, details…

Recently, we made the first steps to expand this website to other community members. I approached a web designer who is willing to help use his strength to modernize the site. We also began attracting talent in other languages. Criptoneros, which is a blog, and Criptomundo, which will be a latin Dash YouTube channel will combine to bring content to Dash Nation in Spanish.

We would love to make this site top-notch. We realize it may take time to get there, but we are confident that there are some in the community who may have the Dash Nation strengths needed to help out here. So, here are the aspects we are looking for. Please ask yourself if you have the skills to help out:

  • Web design: Do you have an idea that will modernize this site and create an atmosphere that will keep people coming back?
  • Content creators: No website is high-quality without interesting content. There is enough brain power in Dash Nation to have a very interesting website, with lots of different viewpoints, languages and styles for vibrant reading or viewing. Writers, video makers and bloggers will be needed.
  • Graphic design and artists: This is something that sometimes doesn’t get enough credit. Art is something that speaks to the viewer and tells them something about Dash Nation and its people sometimes more than words. These will be needed as well.
Content makes the website. Do you have any content creation skills?

Want to help work with Dash Nation to grow Dash Nation? Apply within.

There will be a small reward (in Dash) for each contribution made to the site. It won’t make you rich, though, so you should help out because you want to see the Dash Nation project succeed. If you feel that you may have what it takes to fill these positions, please contact me (Tao Of Satoshi) in the following ways:

  • Email me at
  • PM me (@Tao Of Satoshi#9999) on Dash Nation on Discord (Invite link here)
  • Contact me on Reddit: (u/TaoOfSatoshi)
  • Contact me on Twitter:
  • Contact me on BCT: (TaoOfSaatoshi)

Looking forward to hearing from you! If we can harness and focus the talents of Dash Nation, we will build a community site that rivals or even surpasses the official one. This will be an exciting project, that will be very rewarding.

Onwards and upwards, Dash Nation! Let’s get to work.