Dash Text: The Easiest Way to Send Dash with a Message

Can you believe that every second about 193,000 text messages are sent worldwide? Well, according to data from the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), in 2011 more than 7 billion messages were sent by people around the world.

Nowadays, a large percentage of the world population owns a phone device and sending text messages continues to be one of the most popular features of mobile phones, regardless of the age of the users. In fact, there are companies that continue betting on the simplicity of sending an SMS, with a specific target audience such as elderly people.

Since the 1990s, telephone companies have incorporated the option of text messaging into the devices that previously only had the option to call. In the 21st century, smartphones are starting to dominate the market due to the diverse and numerous technological advances that have been achieved. In turn, the evolution of the messaging service has evolved as well, with applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram, among others.

Based on these statistics, Dash as an innovative cryptocurrency adopted text messaging, creating a new service called: Dash Text! It’s proven to be a useful initiative for regular users and also creates an opportunity for people to join in the Dash community.

In an interview, Lorenzo Rey (co-founder and CTO of Dash Text) said:

“I saw how many people wanted to use Dash but, they couldn’t, because of a bad signal or bad cell phones, but the idea came from a similar service in Venezuela that uses SMS. for payments in Bolivars. I started to see if there was already something similar in the cryptocurrency sector and I found Cointext. I tried to contact them but I got no response, so I decided to develop it on my own.”

How can people use this service?

Dash came up with an intelligent strategy with Dash Text because it allows to any user be able to put this method into practice. It only requires having a phone that must have the SMS sending service currently active.

Through this option, Dash doesn’t put barriers or limits, allowing anyone to enjoy it. There are other cryptocurrencies that limit its use to smartphones and state-of-the-art technology, but with Dash Text, you must only have a phone with the option to send a message and you will be able to enjoy all kinds of products and services.

Service activation

The user must send a message with the word “START” using the code and number of the country where it is located. Then, a code will arrive with a combination of letters and numbers identifying their “Dash address”, which allows the user to create the wallet in the easiest way.

Dash Text doesn’t ask for any type of personal information (KYC), in fact only a telephone number is required. This is an important thing to mention because requiring more information may generate certain doubts on the part of the user. Also, an internet connection isn’t necessary to access to this service. This is undoubtedly a great advantage compared to other payment methods where internet connection is mandatory and in many countries mobile data is quite reserved and limited.

Lorenzo Rey, CEO of Dash Text


After your Dash Text SMS wallet is created, the options offered by this wonderful alternative are many. Buying goods and services becomes possible, as well as money transfers, promotions, and countless tools that allow the user to manage their finances with total confidence.

Dash Text has become in an effective solution for users in different countries, such as U.S.A, Colombia, Spain and Brazil. It’s particularly effective in Venezuela, allowing Venezuelans to enjoy greater fluidity and speed when they make any kind of money transactions, payments and shipments. Even though only 40% of the Venezuelan population owns smartphones or has access to quality mobile data, this limitation hasn’t been an impediment for Dash Text service to work with total regularity.

Future Plans

In 2019, Spain was the last country to join this wonderful service. This news was important to Venezuela because they share with Spain economic ties and immigration, creating a key corridor for remittances.

Not only did Dash Text expand SMS support to Spain, it also promoted its integration into the Telegram messaging application by adding Canada, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and almost all countries in South and North America. Brazil was a notable exception, but Dash Text plans to add it as well soon. Also, on the roadmap for the near future is to create a beachhead in Africa, with support in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa, and an expansion into Europe with the forthcoming opening of services in Germany.

Finally, Dash Text has made recent alliances with the Cryptobuyer exchange. This allows for payments with Piiddo (a delivery company in Merida) and a delivery service in Caracas called Dingo. You can buy many goods and services through these companies.

Dash Text is here to stay. Consider this article as an invitation to all those readers who want an easy tool to manage their transactions and stay up with the latest innovations that only a cryptocurrency like Dash can offer.

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Christopher Carruthers Interview with the Cryptonomist

Dash Nation founder Christopher Carruthers recently appeared in an article on the Cryptonomist. He talked about the benefits of Dash, the creation and vision of Dash Nation, and the initiative to help the people of Venezuela with Dash.

Please enjoy!

About the Dash Queen Beauty Contest

Dash Queen is a monthly beauty contest created for empowering women.
With no age limit over 18, and women from all over the world, this contest shows the beauty that is in women who find solutions using this cryptocurrency.

What is interesting is that you can get more people knowing about Dash by voting/ Dash tipping for any contestant that you might want to support. As long as people get to know and participate, they become a part of the ecosystem while learning about Dash usage and find out their assets. Which is perfect!

An interesting Dash use case

In countries like Venezuela, dealing with economic hyperinflation and service failures in most cities Dash has become the real solution, as a decentralized model of exchange between countries, common people, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and more.

Participating in Dash Queen is very easy, you just need to have a Dash wallet downloaded on your phone, and also download the Dash Queen app that can currently only be found on Android systems.

To register:

  • Submit a profile only if you are over 18 to assure you own your pictures.
  • Go to your Dash wallet and click on receive so that the code will
    display, press on it to copy, and go back to your Dash Queen app.
  • Paste your Dash wallet address code then adds the QR code that
    appears on your Dash wallet address to your picture and completes
    your information.

After this, you will get a welcome message by the team once they verify your data and publish it. That’s it!

Opportunity to earn quite a bit of Dash

The dynamic of this is that every month there will be one contestant to be
the first with most votes. If you’re the winner, you´ll be the image of that month on a Dash Calendar, which will be sold worldwide later on.
All the profit made on this calendar will be distributed on each winner of the year. Dash Queen has no intermediary between the voters and contestants, so they receive tips immediately from voters worldwide.

A Dash Queen contest submission by Claudia Cerrada

In Venezuela, is within our cells to get excited to participate or support women in beauty contests, so it’s not surprising that the first contestants
that applied are Venezuelan. In this case, Claudia Cerrada
(@claudiavalentina) which is one of the contestants spoke about her
experience with Dash Queen. She said:

“Is so easy to participate, I took my picture with a sign written “Dash Queen” to give it a try and was amazed by seeing how my votes started to increase from day one so I was able to use my DASH tips very fast and loved to spend them on something I wanted at It was like being gifted by this nice community”.

Also, she spoke about what motivates her:

“If I get to win I can represent Dash in many ways so that makes me happy.”

A makeup set bought with Dash earned from the Dash Queen voters

A Dash economy is developing in Venezuela

It is important to mention that is part of around 274
businesses on the Piido app that adopted Dash as an alternative to receive/send payments and avoid all the difficulties that Venezuelans go through. Its owners and employees had been trained and supported by
the Dash Mall and Parking team within 2020.

This shows the effectiveness of this altcoin to assure financial transactions and the massive work this team has put into practice. But it also proves there is still much more to come. The simple experience of @claudiavalentina being able to earn Dash on Dash Queen and spend them at conquers a perfect Dash cycle.  And we know there is plenty of female talent supporting Dash, so there is much more intelligence and grace for DASH to come!

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Dash AID Venezuela

Editor’s note: This is an initiative spearheaded by Dash News Italia, and we are posting it here as well for increased visibility. Dash Nation at this moment is intended to be a multi-sig participant, but has not yet entered into this address agreement. We will update this when we have.
UPDATE: Dash Nation has entered into a co-signing agreement with Dash Help, but is not accepting responsibility for the usage of the funds, as we are located in Canada, and can’t see the results on the ground in Venezuela.

We are in contact with the Dash community in Venezuela, and we have been informed that an unprecedented humanitarian crisis is taking place. In Venezuela it’s being reported an increasingly dramatic social situation with continuous food and electricity shortages; medicines, food and basic needs are unattainable for most of the population.

The supply of electricity and water remains limited in many states (particularly outside the Capital District), and the rationing has a negative impact on the operations of health centres. The Venezuelan health system is collapsing. Many doctors have left the country.

This, combined with the lack of medicines and equipment, has led to the suspension of activities and the closure of some hospital facilities. This is partially due to international sanctions, which do not take into account the serious consequences they are causing to this already struggling population, which is being subjugated by multiple events.

All of us who are part of the Dash International Community want to give support and a hand of hope to the brave Venezuelan people. That is why we are announcing a fundraising event managed directly by the community of Dash in Venezuela, which will in turn provide funds to humanitarian associations in the region that accept Dash as a way of income.

We trust in the proven solidarity of the great international community of Dash. Even donating a single penny can make a difference. Donations collected in Dash will be traceable and verifiable reports on their distribution will be available.

General Terms and Conditions Venezuela AID

Dash Help Venezuela and Dash Nation

As donations administrators will be obligated to the following:

  1. A multi-signature Dash wallet with a static and verifiable address will be generated and administered by Dash Help and another member from the four teams mentioned at the bottom of this document.
  2. Dash Help undertakes to verify on Venezuelan territory that the charitable associations are valid and non-profit.
  3. Dash Help will evaluate the direct administration of the Dash, or the supply of the goods to the humanitarian organizations.

In the case of direct supply of goods, receipts indicating the quantity, type and price of the goods must be kept.


The associations that will receive the donations will have to:

  1. Keep a record of the expenses of the products purchased, whether they are medicines, food or materials. useful for the work they do.
  2. Administering food, medical clothing or means of subsistence to those in need (In the case of direct gender feeding they must be keep the relevant receipts indicating quantity, type and price)
  3. Dash’s direct donation should be avoided or limited to certified and verifiable cases only. of actual necessity.
  4. In the hypothesis of fraud, waste of funds, misuse of funds, certified and verifiable reports of misconduct by associations that receive the donations, the donation will be stopped immediately.

Dash Help, Dash News Italia, Dash Nation, and

Dash Aid Venezuela multi-sig address: 7dQTzp8arie3iMQEAobNmHwc3BYqrAdGTD

Balance of Financial Power In Venezuela (w/ Ernesto Contreras)

Digital currency was born in 2009, and has been facing an uphill battle around the world even though in many ways it offers a superior product than fiat systems. In Venezuela, Dash has found a place where the legacy system’s defences appear to be weaker than most countries. Smelling blood, Dash has used the power of its decentralized autonomous organization to fund groups that are building legit crypto ecosystems and educating Venezuelans on the unique benefits of Dash. They often have to re-educate those who have tried Bitcoin and weren’t impressed. Ernesto Contreras regales us on the balance of financial power in Venezuela on this episode of CATV.

Ernesto Contreras



Wells Fargo Cuts off Zelle to Venezuela (Espanol):

Wells Fargo Cuts off Zelle to Venezuela (English):

Cash Alternative TV Media Hub:

Venezuelan Isabel B. Rodriguez demonstrates the power of Dash

A lot of recent digital currency discussion has centered around Venezuela. The potential to demonstrate the use case of cryptocurrencies is high there, due to its political and economic climate. The people there are eager and willing to try new things.

The benefits of a digital currency economy are hard for them to ignore: Refuge from a tanking fiat currency, no restrictions on where or when or how they can spend their hard-earned money, and a sense of community in using a money made by the people for the people.

Dash simply works as a payment system, simple and elegant

Dash Venezuela, starting with a year-long series of conferences and expanding from there, has done a wonderful job getting the word out in their country about Dash. Eugenia Alcala, the founder of Dash Venezuela, has started a movement there which continues to grow rapidly.

Venezuelans have the choice of many digital currencies to adopt when trying to store their value and transact. Dash in particular appeals to them because it has unique aspects that make it suitable in a retail commercial setting. It has instantly confirming transactions with the innovation InstantSend, which guarantees a merchant will receive the payment instantly. Not having to wait for 6 blockchain confirmations before you are sure the money is yours is something merchants are very happy about.

Mid-size chains are now starting to accept Dash, as seen by Church’s Chicken Venezuela’s nod to Dash.

Dash also works flawlessly, silky smooth due to its large complement of incentivized full-nodes to broadcast transactions seamlessly and in a timely manner. It’s also pretty easy to use in its current form, but will be made even more so in future iterations of Dash.

Proof is in the pudding

M. Isabel B. Rodriguez has a passion for Dash, and this comes through in her series of videos that demonstrate its power and ease of use. Her easy-going demeanor embodies the Dash Nation attitude, friendly and positive. You can read posts like this, you can argue for days on Twitter and Reddit, but sometimes seeing is believing.

Please enjoy this series of short videos demonstrating Dash’s ease of use in multiple locations in Venezuela. Isabel sure has a great time spending Dash! When our infrastructure becomes more widespread globally, you will too.


Paying with Dash in Yayus Tex Mex
Paying with Dash in Epico Cafe
Paying with Dash in Sociedad del Cafe
Paying with Dash in Subway
Paying with Dash in Cafe Hannsi

We look forward to more videos from Isabel and from people from all over Dash Nation paying with Dash. Thanks, Isabel!

Church’s Chicken Venezuela joins Dash Nation!

Editor’s note: This is the official press release from Dash Venezuela in regards to the huge news of Dash being the exclusive cryptocurrency of Church’s Chicken in Venezuela.

Dash Venezuela continues to expand the cryptocurrency ecosystem in the country and adding merchants that are currently in the nation continue to bet on a better future. On this occasion, they announced the strategic alliance with the international franchise of Church’s Chicken Venezuela, where the 13 branches of the country will accept this currency based on blockchain technology as a form of payment.

In this way, this fast food consortium becomes the first large franchise that in its entirety accepts Dash as a form of payment. We must remember that Church’s Chicken is the fourth largest chicken chain in the world and has 1,700 restaurants in 25 countries.

Tweet from Dash Twitter announcing the news!

The announcement comes after extensive and rigorous days of training, training and accompaniment of the process by Dash Venezuela, who emphasized this stage, since it is the fundamental basis for the expansion of the usability of the cryptocurrency in the country, remembering that Dash Venezuela has privileged the approach with the business and entrepreneurial sector through its trainings, conferences and workshops.

For Dash Venezuela, the launching is a satisfaction and a significant achievement for the crypto world, ensuring that the adoption went through different pilot tests in the chain’s stores while the negotiations between the two groups were developed in a confidential manner, until it was agreed upon. official presentation of the novelty.

The Venezuelan press was out in full force to cover the news.

Representatives of the franchise, indicated that soon will develop a series of promotions to encourage the use of Dash in their establishments, which are added to the more than 2,200 establishments in Venezuela that have this fast and easy mode of transactions.

The global director of business development at Dash Core, Bradley Zastrow, said that the Dash Venezuela community achieved an “incredible job” by encouraging the growing use of crypto in the country “and it is exciting to integrate with a major national food chain by first time in the history of Dash. “

Ryan Taylor noting the shift from small to medium-sized businesses accepting Dash.

For his part, the director general of Church’s Chicken Venezuela, Orlando Navas, said that he has worked hard with the teams of Dash Core and Dash Venezuela for staff training and adaptation of the system that allows the franchise to accept this cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

“This goes to show that we trust Dash and that it will become a growth agent in this new financial world, which is a viable system regardless of the economic state and that is also diagnostic of the industry.”

About Dash Venezuela:
Dash Venezuela is the first crypto community in Venezuela, this organization has promoted the expansion of usability and the valuation of blockchain technology through conferences, workshops, training and specialized courses, which have allowed the growth of communities in the country, that today is located above the 30, present in at least 12 states of Venezuela.

Dash is really taking off in Venezuela, as witnessed here.

About Church’s Chicken Venezuela:
We are an international fast food franchise known worldwide for offering the most crunchy and tasty chicken. Talking about Church’s Chicken, means bringing the best crunch to your palate. Our main value is family love, and that is why our slogan promotes the exchange of our products with family and their loved ones. In Church’s Chicken Venezuela and in the rest of the world “Good things are always shared”.

Editor’s note: Please watch this video of Dash being used for the first time at this location of Church’s Chicken. Welcome to Dash Nation!