Movistar and Dash Strengthen Ties

Media Celular, a Movistar-authorized Venezuelan business with offices in western Zulia State cities (Ciudad Ojeda, Maracaibo, Cabimas, and San Francisco), has a partnership with Dash that’s resulting in increasing benefits on both sides. They also make mobile phone refills for Movistar a simple process for their clients.

Commercial adoption, more results

The Dash Mall and Parking team is one of the Dash movement promoters that also is a Venezuelan project. They partnered with Media Celular to provide Movistar clients who live in areas where there aren’t any Movistar agents available a way to get their phone bills paid in DASH. Dash Mall and Parking clients who already know how to use this cryptocurrency can contact them via Whatsapp to get their phone balances refilled. But anyone that wants to learn how to use Dash can do it as well.


Clients benefit from this union not only by paying their phone bills. They also get to buy SIM Cards, change billing plans, and get corporate packs. All this made them perform over 1000 transactions paid in DASH since 2020´s pandemic times began.

Paola Cannita, CEO of Media Celular, shared confidential information where it shows the payments received in Dash (Digital Cash) on their Dash wallet. (For safety purposes the address is not fully shown).


Also, Yoana Castillo, CEO of Dash Mall and Parking, said:

“This alliance will allow this project to grow even more in the region during this quarantine times, as it generates instant pays and real solutions, that represents the utility of this cryptocurrency in Venezuela.”

Fast and easy

Reading comments on a Dash chat on telegram, I found this post (first photo on the left), and minutes later another user Erick Birbe commented:


“I just used this service on phone balance refills and it was a success, caught my attention that they don’t apply additional taxes. Wanted to put X VES and was charged exactly that amount I tried it, to find out how fast it was and to have the experience. In this crypto world, there are many scams so we always have to be on guard. I´ve used before Bitrefill and Bidali which are online platforms that have no intermediary to refill your phone balance, but to refill $1 you have to pay almost $2 or even more. So when I saw the add I got in mind I had to try it.”

C:\Users\mariale\Downloads\IMG_20200804_113639 (1).jpg

“So I tried it as well, and I can say they were kind. The minimum amount authorized to refill is great as you can refill from VES 100.000,00 (that is like USD 0.50). But what I think the best part is that I asked about commissions or taxes I had to pay from my wallet, they said that it was the amount that appears on my wallet, which meant that had no additional charges, then it took some minutes and I started getting confirmation from my phone company. So I´m Totally satisfied.”

After speaking to Erick I wanted to try it myself, so I spoke to Dash Mall and Parking team and it was fantastic! It was as easy as he had said. I agree with him. And Movistar is not the only phone company in Venezuela is working with Dash Mall and Parking on phone line refills. Digitel is too! So I can refill anyone in my family’s and my own phone by paying with Dash and saving money… Perfect!


Using Dash makes life easier

Finally, I can say that the more I find out about the advantages of using this cryptocurrency the more I think that Dash was created to ease our lives. That’s especially true in Venezuela where we are hanging strong on every solution that we find that is good to keep.

Just the fact of that two of the main phone companies in Venezuela are working with Dash is an acknowledgment of this altcoin’s credibility. As I see it, the Dash community keeps on growing, businesses keep on allying to improve their services and consumers keep on being satisfied. Dash has come to stay and we are not letting go!

Dash Nation is always on the lookout for talented freelance writers for news and blogs. If you would like to share your talent with the movement towards financial freedom with Dash, please contact the team at

Dash Text: The Easiest Way to Send Dash with a Message

Can you believe that every second about 193,000 text messages are sent worldwide? Well, according to data from the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), in 2011 more than 7 billion messages were sent by people around the world.

Nowadays, a large percentage of the world population owns a phone device and sending text messages continues to be one of the most popular features of mobile phones, regardless of the age of the users. In fact, there are companies that continue betting on the simplicity of sending an SMS, with a specific target audience such as elderly people.

Since the 1990s, telephone companies have incorporated the option of text messaging into the devices that previously only had the option to call. In the 21st century, smartphones are starting to dominate the market due to the diverse and numerous technological advances that have been achieved. In turn, the evolution of the messaging service has evolved as well, with applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram, among others.

Based on these statistics, Dash as an innovative cryptocurrency adopted text messaging, creating a new service called: Dash Text! It’s proven to be a useful initiative for regular users and also creates an opportunity for people to join in the Dash community.

In an interview, Lorenzo Rey (co-founder and CTO of Dash Text) said:

“I saw how many people wanted to use Dash but, they couldn’t, because of a bad signal or bad cell phones, but the idea came from a similar service in Venezuela that uses SMS. for payments in Bolivars. I started to see if there was already something similar in the cryptocurrency sector and I found Cointext. I tried to contact them but I got no response, so I decided to develop it on my own.”

How can people use this service?

Dash came up with an intelligent strategy with Dash Text because it allows to any user be able to put this method into practice. It only requires having a phone that must have the SMS sending service currently active.

Through this option, Dash doesn’t put barriers or limits, allowing anyone to enjoy it. There are other cryptocurrencies that limit its use to smartphones and state-of-the-art technology, but with Dash Text, you must only have a phone with the option to send a message and you will be able to enjoy all kinds of products and services.

Service activation

The user must send a message with the word “START” using the code and number of the country where it is located. Then, a code will arrive with a combination of letters and numbers identifying their “Dash address”, which allows the user to create the wallet in the easiest way.

Dash Text doesn’t ask for any type of personal information (KYC), in fact only a telephone number is required. This is an important thing to mention because requiring more information may generate certain doubts on the part of the user. Also, an internet connection isn’t necessary to access to this service. This is undoubtedly a great advantage compared to other payment methods where internet connection is mandatory and in many countries mobile data is quite reserved and limited.

Lorenzo Rey, CEO of Dash Text


After your Dash Text SMS wallet is created, the options offered by this wonderful alternative are many. Buying goods and services becomes possible, as well as money transfers, promotions, and countless tools that allow the user to manage their finances with total confidence.

Dash Text has become in an effective solution for users in different countries, such as U.S.A, Colombia, Spain and Brazil. It’s particularly effective in Venezuela, allowing Venezuelans to enjoy greater fluidity and speed when they make any kind of money transactions, payments and shipments. Even though only 40% of the Venezuelan population owns smartphones or has access to quality mobile data, this limitation hasn’t been an impediment for Dash Text service to work with total regularity.

Future Plans

In 2019, Spain was the last country to join this wonderful service. This news was important to Venezuela because they share with Spain economic ties and immigration, creating a key corridor for remittances.

Not only did Dash Text expand SMS support to Spain, it also promoted its integration into the Telegram messaging application by adding Canada, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and almost all countries in South and North America. Brazil was a notable exception, but Dash Text plans to add it as well soon. Also, on the roadmap for the near future is to create a beachhead in Africa, with support in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa, and an expansion into Europe with the forthcoming opening of services in Germany.

Finally, Dash Text has made recent alliances with the Cryptobuyer exchange. This allows for payments with Piiddo (a delivery company in Merida) and a delivery service in Caracas called Dingo. You can buy many goods and services through these companies.

Dash Text is here to stay. Consider this article as an invitation to all those readers who want an easy tool to manage their transactions and stay up with the latest innovations that only a cryptocurrency like Dash can offer.

Dash Nation is always on the lookout for talented freelance writers for news and blogs. If you would like to share your talent with the movement towards financial freedom with Dash, please contact the team at

Dash and Tauros Partner to Offer Mexicans a Dash Back Debit Card

Crypto strives for a full-circle economy. That can be a tall order sometimes due to the ever-present Catch 22: Merchants don’t want something no consumers are using, and consumers don’t want something no consumers are using. Crypto debit cards have represented a happy medium, bridging the worlds of crypto and fiat. Mexican crypto debit card provider Tauros has partnered with Dash to offer an incentive to use a Dash-powered debit card: Dash back.

Official website:

Dash official website:

Cash Alternative TV and Dash Nation information:

Why is the price of Dash so high?

For crypto-currency users, Dash is no stranger anymore. But people who are new to the world of digital money may wonder what Dash is. Let’s review a little Dash history. Dash was originally named Xcoin. Xcoin was launched in January 2014. Xcoin was not so popular as Bitcoin. The founder of Xcoin was Evan Duffield. Xcoin was a fork of the Bitcoin protocol. Xcoin changed its name to Darkcoin. Darkcoin was used for the black market. However, in March 2015 Darkcoin changed its name to DASH which is a portmanteau of “Digital Cash”.

In 2017 Evan Duffield and Dash developers started getting support from Arizona State University. It started from this place where Dash got help with scaling, security, and other things. From the coin made only as a means of privacy, it finally become a project that has more value than other Bitcoin forks.

Why do Dash prices tend to be stable?

The Dash blockchain network uses two node types. A mining network like Bitcoin and the Masternode network. With Dash network, Chainlock technology will mitigate or reduce the risk of failure when getting an 51% attack. Someone to commit a counterfeit transaction or attack on the Dash network must attack two networks at once and requires a huge number of Dash. This process will make Dash’s price go up the market. Therefore to perform an attack on the Dash network requires a very large cost because it should take a very large number of existing Dash on the market.

Dash Price fluctuation since 2014

A Dash lifetime price chart

Dash’s price in the first year is very low. The lowest price noted on Coinmarketcap is 0.21 USD on February 14, 2014. Dash’s highest price is 1642.2 USD on December 20, 2017. The current price on July 30, 2020 is 81.74 USD. According to the calculations of Coinmarketcap price increase if an investor bought Dash in 2014 is 9000%. In January 2019 the Dash price range is 70 – 90 USD. In mid-2020 the Dash price is still stable at that range. This shows the tendency price of the dash is more stable nowadays.

Investment opportunities on the Dash

Dash is a coin that has applied some technology in crypto currency namely Masternode, Chainlocks, Instantsend, and Long-living Masternode quorums (LLMQs).

The Masternode on Dash is the second stage after mining in the Dash network. In addition to being run by miners, the Masternode network provides double security on the Dash network.

Chainlocks is a technology on Dash that serves to prevent multiple transactions and attack 51% attack on the Dash network.

Instantsend is a transaction that’s instantly confirmed on Dash. The transaction speed on Dash reaches 2 seconds of transaction.

LLMQs are tasked with signing messages on the InstantSend and Chainlocks features. A quorum is a group of masternodes that agree on a message. This Quorum will detect the beginning of any transaction abnormalities occurring in the Dash network.

Because of the many technological features that Dash has and its longevity, Dash is a very safe and attractive crypto currency for investors.

Dash has an established community

Lots of exchanges and merchants accept Dash.

Dash is not a new coin. The Dash community is vast and some big merchants have already received Dash as an official payment. Many developers are active on this network. In addition, Dash market is also very wide. Dozens of exchanges offer Dash trading pairs. The community of a crypto currency is an asset. A crypto currency without an established community will not be as valuable.

Here are some retailers and merchants who accept payments with Dash

  • Bitrefill is a merchant of giftcard and phone and electricity bills that serve more than 170 countries. My home country of Indonesia is also on the Bitfrefill list.
  • CheapAir is a flight and hotel ticket sales site that accepts Dash.
  • Discover Dash is a site to get information about retailers that accept Dash payments.

Dash debit cards

In addition to merchants and retailers, Dash is also available in several debit card providers including:

Spend is supported by Visa cards, which accept payments of more than 40 countries.

Bitsa IS an ATM card that can be converted and withdraw cash to the local currency.

Dash wallets

There are several Dash wallets that can be used from web wallets, PC wallets and second or third party providers. A wallet I prefer is the MyDashWallet web wallet. Here the security is also with a seed phrase and password.

To view a full list of wallets visit the following link


Dash is a coin that is safe and has a good future because it is supported by a vast community.

For the Indonesian community, you can trade dash on Indodax.

The Dash price there is currently in the 1,170,000 Rupiah range. The price is quite high for a coin, now you know why!

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Christopher Carruthers Interview with the Cryptonomist

Dash Nation founder Christopher Carruthers recently appeared in an article on the Cryptonomist. He talked about the benefits of Dash, the creation and vision of Dash Nation, and the initiative to help the people of Venezuela with Dash.

Please enjoy!

Turbocharging Dash as a Store of Value

The Dash network’s unique economics has been a topic of focus for the last several months. The mix of Proof of Work and Proof of Service, miners and masternodes, total and circulating supply have all been discussed at length. Now, an optimization for Dash to be a better store of value has been proposed and approved by Dash’s decentralized governance system. What was it, and will it help? Find out on this episode of CATV!

Article on Hackernoon:

Dash official website:

Cash Alternative TV and Dash Nation information:

Rebooting the Dash Nation Social Media Squad

For those of you that can remember, Dash Nation on Discord used to have a social media squad called “The Pink Panthers“. The members of this group were tasked with sharing major articles and releases with their friends or followers on social media. It was a pseudo-paid position with rain offered from time to time in the #social-media-squad channel.

As part of the sort-of abandonment of the Dash Nation on Discord server over the past year, this group went largely ignored as well.

Dash Nation’s making a comeback

Those of you who are paying attention will know that the Dash Nation movement has now been rebooted in a big way. For more details, see this link. We know that this movement has support among those who share Blue Hearts‘ values of inclusiveness, respect, positivity and hard work. We know that this formula works, we see it with sports teams all around the world.

Dash Nation visual identity and tagline.

So where does that leave the social media squad?

Well, this initiative is being rebooted as well with some differences. Here is how the new initiative will work.

  • Important announcements, videos, articles, and posts that deserve to get maximum exposure will be posted in the #social-media-squad channel on Discord.
  • Mods are the only ones allowed to post in this channel, so only the cream of the sharing crop will appear there.
  • If you see a post there, please share it, because it’s awesome!

We are looking for volunteers who don’t mind being specifically pinged when there is something great to share with their social media circle. You will receive a @SocialMediaSquad badge and be displayed in a separate category on the right as a recognition.

social media
Dash Nation has a presence on all major social media platforms.

There is no expectation for you to do anything when you get a ping, but if you could help out, that would be great.

Will you help us? Will you become a Social Media Squad team member? If so, let a mod know or post in #dash-talk and we will hook you up with your badge.

And if you’re not already on Dash Nation on Discord, what are you waiting for? It’s a friendly place that wants to help promote Dash to the world, and we could use your help! Join today by following the button link.

For more Dash Nation opportunities, please visit our opportunities page.

Are Blockchains Ready for Gamers?

Blockchains have had a rocky relationship with the gaming industry. High-profile integrations with tech giants have ended in termination, due to the sorely-lacking user experience blockchains offered. Fast-forward to the present, and a second wave of blockchain networks might be taking another crack at this huge and fast-growing industry. Is there a blockchain network out there that’s up to the task? Find out in this episode of CATV.

ReadyRaider eSports:

Whow Games:

Dash official website:

Cash Alternative TV and Dash Nation information:

Teacher’s Life vs. Dash Life

Education’s one of the main engines of society, and one of the resources that will make us free.

In any developed country, being a teacher implies a wealth of benefits, both professional and personal. However, in Venezuela, this sector is hit hard for teachers by the economy and the reality in which we are living nowadays. There aren’t fair or adequate salaries, there isn’t protection for the teachers and their rights are vilely violated every day.

The education sector is statistically the lowest paid compared to other sectors in the country, both in the public and private sector. Each day, an estimated income of $ 0.33 dollars is obtained, an “amount” that doesn’t reflect the effort and dedication that all teachers invest and put into in their daily work.

Very real challenges faced by teachers

Now, if we must add that due to this confinement, all the teachers must implement new communication and teaching strategies. The likes of which they are neither accustomed to nor gifted with, so everything looks uphill. Also, the lack of income doesn’t allow them to acquire an electronic device that facilitates the communication with their students. It is well known that multimedia and data are difficult to come by. Another important aspect to mention is that the lack of income doesn’t adjust to the economic reality that the country is experiencing either, since our official currency is constantly devaluing and is currently the only one with which their salaries are paid.

Researching, reading and analyzing ways on how to improve my economy, how to invest money and how to come by greater profits safely, I found articles that talked about Dash, and it was ,without a doubt, the ideal solution.

A whole new financial world

The world of Dash has allowed me to invest, and obtain greater profits than I would perceive in my work. It required relatively less effort in comparison to the wear and tear that the education sector requires. In addition, Dash offers easy, safe and reliable payment methods. I don’t depend on points of sale that are slow and that debit and subtract money from the account without my permission, or the cash that is so difficult in my country.

Dash offers easy solutions to so many problems that we have today. For example, making a simple transfer of money to your balance to keep your phone device active, among many other use cases. The attributes of Dash make it, without a doubt, the best path that we all must follow to achieve growth. Dash will not only help you economically, but also mentally, because it allows you to think and work for yourself and get better results thus fulfill your economy’s needs.

Educating others about Dash will be key

As a teacher and entrepreneur, the objective of this article is to make Dash better known as a solution and a saving method for all those people who want a better quality of life. Also, I would like to invite my colleagues, my students’ parents, and owners and headmasters of private and public schools and institutes of all levels of education, to implement with Dash a new method of salary payments for the teachers, employees, and workers which should be adjusted based on the reality we live today, and the effort that we make every day for the learning of our students.

The owners will realize that by implementing Dash as a form of payment and income, they will sustain a profitable economy. A “back to back” for the entire community involved.

Also, it is important to take advantage of the teaching space so that young people not only enjoy a good education, but also get to know DASH as an alternative of economic freedom, which helps them to be the next entrepreneurs in our country and to break the chains of employees.

A new world demands new ways of generating economies. And that is what Dash offers us.

Dash Nation is always looking for talented writers/bloggers for news and blogs. If you wouldn’t mind sharing your skills with the movement towards financial freedom, please contact us at

Scammers get arrested, Blockchain for gamers?, Talking Dash DApps… and more! | CATV LIVE

Members from the Plus Token scam get arrested in China, and the Twitter hack mastermind gets arrested in Florida. What good is blockchain if it can’t be used for gaming? Dash Platform will be groundbreaking upon its release. People are now starting to talk about all the wonderful apps that will be created for it. All this and more in this week’s CATV LIVE!


Ethereum surpasses Bitcoin in settlement value

Visa and MasterCard change their tune on Bitcoin

100 Plus Token scammers arrested in China

High fees on Bitcoin and Ethereum as bull market returns

Vitalik Buterin warns about investing in DeFi

Twitter hack teen mastermind arrested

If blockchain can’t serve gamers, it’s truly useless


Cointelegraph talks Dash security

Dash Japan update

BeInCrypto interview with Ryan Taylor

DCG to release next update, testnet launch by year-end

About the Dash Queen beauty contest

Dash Aid Venezuela announcement:

Dash Aid Venezuela getting attention

Let’s Talk Dash Dapps debuts with a Chrome extension

New Dash developer video showcases possibilities of Dash Platform in retail commerce

Dash official site in Tagalog

Blocktivity joins Dash Nation

Felix Mago speaks at a conference,-Transportation,-and-Supply-Chain-5edfd4aabe5a3a001ca7641f

My Experience with Dash (And why you should try it)

I have been a big fan of cryptocurrency since late 2016 when I came across some people talking about making profit through mining. Naturally I was confused as to what they meant and had to spend time researching what mining and cryptocurrencies were. Slowly I realized Bitcoin wasn’t the only cryptocurrency out there, and there are others that try to fix shortcomings with Bitcoin or add features to it entirely never seen before.

That’s when I came across Dash (short for Digital Cash). Dash had a very interesting proposition, it strived to fix many shortcomings of Bitcoin. Specifically, Dash wanted to enable faster transactions with lower fees and the ability to make your transactions much more private than on the public Bitcoin chain.

Introduction to how Dash works

The main exciting and innovative approach was the idea of Masternodes (MNs). These nodes form a second layer on top of the blockchain and offer additional services. The two most important services being InstantSend and PrivateSend.

InstantSend allows you to send near instant transactions by having the Masternode network confirm your transaction without requiring a new block to be mined first.

PrivateSend allows you to anonymize your transaction by having the Masternodes pool Dash from many users together and then sending your transaction, allowing for increased privacy and harder traceability.

Of course, the Masternodes have other jobs such as governance, which allows MN operators to vote on how Dash evolves and how its funding is spent. 

Why use Dash?

However, now that you have been introduced to Dash, I’d like to continue the story of how I came to use it and why you should give it a try. When the 2017 massive price spikes began Bitcoin and many other blockchains had very high usage which slowed transaction confirmation times significantly and made fees extraordinarily high, at some points it could cost upwards of $15 to send one Bitcoin transaction.

I wanted to look for alternatives and landed on Dash, it allowed me to send cryptocurrency anytime, anywhere for very low fees and much faster than Bitcoin or other big blockchains. And this is where I suggest you investigate Dash, with the recent price increase of Bitcoin and Ethereum in July fees have started spiking up again, and Dash is starting to become much more appealing.

Additionally, it is always good to have extra privacy which you’ll get along with the big decrease in fees. Moreover, Dash isn’t just made for sending money around, Dash Core Group as well as many other third parties are actively using Dash and it’s features to help people worldwide, for example aiding people who are badly affected by the ongoing trouble in Venezuela. There are many merchants who accept Dash across many websites as well, and due to its lower fees, it means that some even offer discounts for using Dash too. This is just the tip of the iceberg for all things Dash can do, I suggest you read more and find how you can use and benefit from Dash.

How do you actually use Dash?

Lastly, it doesn’t matter if you want to use Dash if you don’t know how to use it. To use Dash all you will need is a wallet to store your Dash like how you hold money in your bank account and some Dash, simple as that. There are many popular Dash wallets out there. I suggest visiting the official Dash site at and selecting one of the many wallets there. From there all you will need is to get some Dash (I’ll cover this later in much greater detail) and send it to your wallet address (which is basically like your bank account number) and you’re good to go!

The large selection of Dash wallets

Dash Nation is always on the lookout for writing talent for blogs and news. If you are interested in sharing your skills with the movement towards financial freedom, please contact us at

Unity through Financial Freedom. That’s Dash Nation!

It’s been a pretty busy time for the Dash Nation movement. The idea had been stagnating for awhile. Once we realized that, we knew that we couldn’t let the promise that had been percolating but largely unrealized be abandoned any longer.

Over the past weeks, we have been reorganizing all of our assets across multiple platforms to make a cohesive ecosystem. Moving forward, all Dashers who share our common values of inclusiveness, respect, positivity, and determination are welcome to join us as we begin establishing the foundation for this movement. All great things start small.

A rejuvenated Dash Nation movement

The first order of business was to establish a network of interconnected platforms so all aspects of the movement pointed at the others. The reason for this is to let people who have something to say or contribute do it in as many places as possible.

We have representation on this main website, on YouTube through what is now our official video channel Cash Alternative TV, and on many social media sites through both Dash Nation and CATV. The full lineup of Dash Nation sites and socials can be found here.

Dash Nation’s brand identity

The next thing we needed to do was to establish a visual identity. This is important, because we needed something to stand out while surfing the internet. Something that unmistakably represented the unity and financial freedom offered by Dash’s usage around the world. After many tries, we finally came up with the following design:

A Dash Nation avatar design.

A Dash-colored globe (water HEX#012060, and land HEX#008de4), with a prominent white (HEX#ffffff) Dash Nation logo in the foreground. The globe represents the worldwide Dash community where the Dash logo in the foreground is the idea that unites us. There is also a full Dash Nation logo version and banners you can see above and below that you can check out and are free to use.

After establishing a movement visual identity, the next step was to create a tagline and description summary. We were looking for something that would both convey the community-based nature of this movement and give a nod to the branding that Dash Core Group is running with. This has now been completed and can be seen here:

Tagline: Unity through Financial Freedom.
Description: A global community of financial freedom advocates who believe in Dash as a digital cash for the world.

A square for Instagram or Pinterest featuring our tagline and logo.

The font for the tagline is Lato Bold, and the Dash Nation logo will be made available for use in our upcoming Dash Nation branding guide page.

We’ve built it, what are we going to do with it?

So, what are our short-term goals as we get this movement off of the ground? We need to build a foundation of like-minded individuals who share this mindset moving forward and have a natural ability to attract others. Establishing and keeping a buzz in the crypto space is so important. To that effect, we are very keen on building a core team of outgoing, positive individuals to be the kindling we need to start the fire of the movement.

To do this, we are not only appealing to the like-minded individuals out there to come forward and volunteer, we are also offering key opportunities to get in on the ground floor. You can also earn yourself some Dash while contributing to the ecosystem. Here are the first opportunities the rejuvenated Dash Nation movement is offering to the community:

  • Dash Nation on Discord Elite Contributor positions
  • Dash Nation website writers and bloggers

We are starting small, and looking to surround ourselves with like-minded individuals who are tired of Dash’s stagnation and want to grab the bull by the horns. Those who want to be the change they want to see.

An early Dash Nation banner with bold tagline.

A bright future for Dash and Dash Nation

As we grow, however, the world is going to see more and more of Dash Nation, and by association Dash, the object of our passion. We will inspire others to join us, and we will grow when and where it is appropriate with additional staffing and capabilities. It’s going to be very exciting, and it’s going to be open to all.

Does this sound like music to your ears? Want to take advantage of the current opportunities available, or have your own ideas to contribute to the buzz? We’d love to hear from you.
Contact the Dash Nation team at

Come join us and work on something special!

We are confident that if we work together, we can build something special and create an unignorably loud buzz, that we will then in turn sustain.

Unity through Financial Freedom. That’s Dash Nation. Let’s go!

Christopher Carruthers (Tao of Satoshi)
Dash Nation Founder and CATV Host

Buy Anything in Venezuela with Dash and Dingo!

Venezuelan Blue Hearts have a lot of reasons to hold Dash. They can hold it as a store of value from their crumbling national currency, as an easy means to exchange value, and now it’s easier than ever to spend it! In this episode of CATV, we find out all about the newest integrations from Lorenzo Rey of Dash Text and Giorgio Marinetti of Dash Help.

Dash Text


Dash Help




Cash Alternative TV and Dash Nation information:

About the Dash Queen Beauty Contest

Dash Queen is a monthly beauty contest created for empowering women.
With no age limit over 18, and women from all over the world, this contest shows the beauty that is in women who find solutions using this cryptocurrency.

What is interesting is that you can get more people knowing about Dash by voting/ Dash tipping for any contestant that you might want to support. As long as people get to know and participate, they become a part of the ecosystem while learning about Dash usage and find out their assets. Which is perfect!

An interesting Dash use case

In countries like Venezuela, dealing with economic hyperinflation and service failures in most cities Dash has become the real solution, as a decentralized model of exchange between countries, common people, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and more.

Participating in Dash Queen is very easy, you just need to have a Dash wallet downloaded on your phone, and also download the Dash Queen app that can currently only be found on Android systems.

To register:

  • Submit a profile only if you are over 18 to assure you own your pictures.
  • Go to your Dash wallet and click on receive so that the code will
    display, press on it to copy, and go back to your Dash Queen app.
  • Paste your Dash wallet address code then adds the QR code that
    appears on your Dash wallet address to your picture and completes
    your information.

After this, you will get a welcome message by the team once they verify your data and publish it. That’s it!

Opportunity to earn quite a bit of Dash

The dynamic of this is that every month there will be one contestant to be
the first with most votes. If you’re the winner, you´ll be the image of that month on a Dash Calendar, which will be sold worldwide later on.
All the profit made on this calendar will be distributed on each winner of the year. Dash Queen has no intermediary between the voters and contestants, so they receive tips immediately from voters worldwide.

A Dash Queen contest submission by Claudia Cerrada

In Venezuela, is within our cells to get excited to participate or support women in beauty contests, so it’s not surprising that the first contestants
that applied are Venezuelan. In this case, Claudia Cerrada
(@claudiavalentina) which is one of the contestants spoke about her
experience with Dash Queen. She said:

“Is so easy to participate, I took my picture with a sign written “Dash Queen” to give it a try and was amazed by seeing how my votes started to increase from day one so I was able to use my DASH tips very fast and loved to spend them on something I wanted at It was like being gifted by this nice community”.

Also, she spoke about what motivates her:

“If I get to win I can represent Dash in many ways so that makes me happy.”

A makeup set bought with Dash earned from the Dash Queen voters

A Dash economy is developing in Venezuela

It is important to mention that is part of around 274
businesses on the Piido app that adopted Dash as an alternative to receive/send payments and avoid all the difficulties that Venezuelans go through. Its owners and employees had been trained and supported by
the Dash Mall and Parking team within 2020.

This shows the effectiveness of this altcoin to assure financial transactions and the massive work this team has put into practice. But it also proves there is still much more to come. The simple experience of @claudiavalentina being able to earn Dash on Dash Queen and spend them at conquers a perfect Dash cycle.  And we know there is plenty of female talent supporting Dash, so there is much more intelligence and grace for DASH to come!

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Crypto in US Banks, Coinsquare CEO Resigns in Scandal, Buy Anything w/ Dash …and more! | CATV LIVE

In a sure sign of cryptocurrency acceptance by the mainstream financial sector, U.S. banks are now authorized to be custodians of crypto. A regulatory probe has revealed misdeeds by the management of Canadian digital currency exchange Coinsquare, leading to CEO Cole Diamond’s resignation. After a partnership with Dingo Deliveries, Venezuelans in Caracas using Dash can now buy literally anything with it. All this and more on this weekend’s episode of CATV LIVE.


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