Why Dash? A better money for a better world.

The inspirational leader Martin Luther King, Jr. gives his famous “I have a dream!” speech.

I believe in a future where the money we have will be much fairer and easier to use than it is now. Once we earn it, our new money and the value associated with it will retain its worth. It will not be subject to central bank or government activities that serve to undermine it, making us have to work harder and harder for that same value. Our new money will serve to help bring more balance between the rich and the poor, because the rich will not directly control it. It will not be subject to censorship by centralized authorities, telling us what we can and can’t buy with our new money.

Our money of the future will also be more accessible. It will not discriminate in who will be able to use it and enjoy modern online banking and commerce methods. As such, our new money will create higher productivity and inclusion from large populations of the world who are currently shut out from modern finance.

Using our new money will be a more fluid experience than the one we are currently used to. We will be able to transfer any amount of value, around the corner or around the world, instantly and with equal ease. Our new money and accounts associated with it will be able to be stored on our mobile devices and home computers, making it available to us at any time or place. All hours of every day will be our “banking hours”. Rigid banking structure and restrictions will be a thing of the past.

Our new money will be secure, protected by military grade encryption right on your phone or computer. Only we or those we trust will be able to access it. Divulging personal information will not be required for us to use our new money, protecting us from centralized database breaches. Even so, we will still have the ability to purchase items online with our new money.

Despite this much improved functionality, accessibility and security there will be little to no fees associated with using our new money.

In short, our new money will have the potential to increase quality of life, and make the world a better place.

Join Dash Nation, and get acquainted with our new money.

I recently watched a video in the Ted Talk series. This is not a recent video, having been released in 2009, but it sure inspired me. I will leave it below, please watch it. In it, speaker Simon Sinek examines why some companies or organizations succeed and some don’t. He explains how great leaders inspire their followers to try new products or services and become dedicated educators among their peers. He explained something that I believe very much applies to Dash and how we are getting our message out there. He explains that most companies and organizations focus on the “what” first. Fewer companies focus on the “how” first, while very few focus on the “why” as their leading value proposition. The companies and organizations that focus on the “why” first tend to be more innovative, inspiring and successful. As early adopters of Dash, we are all leaders so this advice can be taken to heart by us.

As I watched this video, I felt more and more that this man was encapsulating my thoughts about the way we at Dash are promoting our brand. In Dash, with our tagline “Digital Cash”, we are like most businesses and organizations who focus on the “what”. We are even like the fewer amount of businesses that focus on the “how” by promoting our PrivateSend, InstantSend and Dash Platform features. Yet, Dash has failed to achieve significant traction with the general public. This is because we do not have a cohesive and powerful “why”. Why should people try using Dash? What will it achieve? What’s in it for them?

In the video, Simon explains that it’s important to cultivate a passionate community that has the same beliefs in the “why”. He gives the example of the Wright brothers, who are responsible for the first flight. At the time, there was a focus on becoming the first to achieve it. The Wright Brothers had some powerful competition. Samuel Pierpont Langley was given $50,000 by the War Department to figure out flying machines. He had a seat at Harvard and worked at the Smithsonian. He was extremely well-connected and had access to the best minds, which he hired for his research team. His activities were covered by the New York Times, and everyone was rooting for him and his team.

Meanwhile, in Dayton, Ohio, Orville and Wilbur Wright had very little money. They used the proceeds from their bicycle shop to finance their dream. They and their team also had little education with no one having a college degree. No one cared or followed their progress. But they had a powerful “why”, a motivator, a cause, a belief that caused them to act in unselfish ways with long hours dedicated to the success of the project. They truly believed that this discovery would change the world for the better, and they willed themselves to see it through.

Samuel Pierpont Langley, on the other hand, was motivated by riches and fame. He was motivated by the result, the “what”. The team surrounding him in turn worked in the same way, with no passion or vigor.

As a result, the Wright Brother’s team worked long days and hours for little remuneration. They worked their fingers to the bone for the cause, the vision, the “why”, and put in much blood, sweat and tears to see their dream become a reality. Samuel Pierpont Langley’s team simply worked for a paycheck, only doing the financed amount of work, nothing more.

On December 17th, 1903, the Wright Brothers and their team of nobodies realized their dream and saw their selfless dedication pay off. No one was there to see it, the news broke a couple of days later. The powerful vision and belief in something bigger than themselves, their “why”, led to this moment of triumph and meaningful contribution to the world.

Do you know what Samuel Pierpont Langley did in response? He quit. He did not congratulate the brother’s team and offer to help improve upon the technology, he simply went away. His opportunity for more riches and fame was gone. He didn’t care about the “why”. Once his “what” was gone, he vanished.

Dash: Our New Money.

How can we in Dash Nation learn from this? I’ve always somewhat felt this way, but recent events have convinced me even more that Dash is more like Samuel Pierpont Langley than the Wright Brothers. Let me explain why.

I will start with our branding and core message. As I mentioned earlier, Dash really has done a fantastic job explaining “what” Dash is, and “how” it works. While exciting technologically, what Dash is and how it does things will not stir up anyone’s passions. Unfortunately, as mentioned in the video, these explanations do not stir any response from the decision-making part of the brain that responds to the “why”. At Dash, we would do well to make cultivating a strong “why” message first and foremost. Once that is done, the “what” and the “how” will fall into place, as they remain strengths for Dash. I have submitted my “why” above at the beginning of the article. I believe Dash will change the world for the better, and I outlined “why” the world needs it. I even have a suggestion for a new tagline that will encapsulate this thinking right now: “Dash: Our New Money“.

Next, there is a tendency in Dash to “let the other guy” do it. Oftentimes issues are brought up by community members. These community members are then asked to head up an attempt to fix these issues, and they say no, they will let someone else handle it. A passionate community, motivated by the “why”, would not do this. People would be tripping over themselves to contribute to the cause.

Dash has an expansive treasury that is ostensibly a benefit to our project. I submit, based on the leading premise of this article, that it is also a negative aspect. Some recent events back up this theory, as do the activities of other digital currency projects. Coins like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Monero get things done without the benefits of a treasury. They have passionate communities that believe in the cause, the “why”, and are motivated to contribute to it without monetary rewards. In Dash, our culture is becoming more responsive to the “what” (getting paid by the treasury or an increasing Dash price) and once that “what” is taken away, little work is done. There is less of an emphasis on the “why” (what will Dash do for the world) that motivates people in other currencies that don’t have a treasury but still get things done.

This video reminded me why I created the Dash Nation movement. Dash Nation aims to rally supporters of Dash, give them something to be proud to be a part of and make them passionate about Dash changing the world for the better. Dash Nation is about instilling a belief that we can all contribute to this dream in our own ways, whether they be large or small. This focus on the “why” leads to a vibrant community and culture that encourages and rewards contributions and creates a legion of dedicated educators of others. A focus on the “why”, as we’ve seen with the Wright Brothers, leads to selfless dedication to the overall cause, without regard to financial remuneration. Social recognition of contributing to the cause becomes a more powerful motivator.

I will use my position as the founder of Dash Nation and Cash Alternative TV host to help quantify a solid “why” proposition. I will start with this article. I invite the rest of the Dash community to do the same.

What motivates us, Dash Nation? If it’s fame and riches, we are no different than Samuel Pierpont Langley. If it’s the “what”, we are nothing special. If we truly believe, and want Dash to succeed in it’s mission and change the world for the better, than we are just like the Wright Brothers. We will selflessly work hard and take pride in contributing to the cause. We will lead and encourage others to do so, and build a thriving culture to realize our dreams.

We will start with “why”.

Important (MUST WATCH) Ted Talk with Simon Sinek – Start with why:

The first “Tao & Amanda”! Not LIVE though, LIVE starts next week.

Introductory video for the new YouTube show “Tao & Amanda LIVE!”. The pilot episode livestreams on November 20th. See you on Wednesdays at 5:00PM UTC!

Understanding Dash Platform & Chain: Basic Concepts

Curious about Dash’s new Platform? Christopher (Tao) breaks down information shared at a recent presentation and helps explain the basic concepts of Dash Platform, previously known as Evolution.

An introduction to Dash Platform:…

Introducing the Platform chain:… Dash

Platform presentation by Dana Alibrandi and Ivan Shumkov:…

Tek Tok: A digital currency that has endured

Another in our “Voices of Dash Nation” series, where we take posts of exceptional quality and share them with our readers. The following was posted by Dash Nation member “Toknormal” on the Dash Nation on Discord chat.

Surveying coinmarketcap today gives much cause for reflection. It looks to me like “novelty value” is starting lose out to “survivor value”. This is particularly true for pure monetary, mined originals. Not many people will notice this unless you’ve been glued to coinmarketcap rankings for the last 5 years and can recall almost every pump & dump that ever made it into the top 5.

What many people possibly underestimate – or take for granted – is that Dash is now an IMMENSE force in crypto. The bear market has taken its toll on many people’s nerves (and pockets – including mine) but it hasn’t pushed Dash much below its 2014/15 ATH ratios with bitcoin in the way that it has cratered many other cryptos that at one time or another visited the top 10. (Check my recent remarks in #markets for explanation of the role of coin supply in marketcap).

The track record speaks for itself and Dash, Ether and (cough) Monero have out-performed everything over the time period because the market is now selecting originals in their class for long term reserves, even though flavours of the day will continue to have their volcanic spells. In that respect, Dash has survived on merit alone because it prioritised investability over short term marketcap ranking (by growing exchange rate over coin supply) and monetary integrity over technological novelty (by inheriting bitcoin’s mined status and codebase).

Dash compares well to others

If you compare for example the history of Litecoin (a “clone” that did not define a new asset class and did not invent masternodes) with Dash against bitcoin there is no contest. LTC is now languishing at 30% of it’s 2014 high while Dash is retesting its 2014 (BTC ratio) highs from above this time. That is the sign of true growth – long term investability against bitcoin because what’s the point of holding an altcoin if it can’t grow against BTC ? You might as well hold BTC itself.

Then there is BCH which doesn’t even have a pedigree, never mind a feature set. It’s simply a bitcoin cast-off now that has holders by default while still being constrained by its core properties – like building a bunch of houses that have the same locks as a Majorca villa and calling them “valuable” because the key fits.

Solid technology and pride of work

The other ace that Dash holds is that it can actually draw service demand into the native blockchain as opposed to pushing it out to 3rd party satellite networks like “Lightning”. The market has acknowledged Dash’s unique “patent” on that capacity by way of having ranked it as the original in the masternode class of blockchains. That attribute is now welded in place despite the media attacks and FUD. The “what doesn’t kill you…” paradigm is taking the place of the early challenges to its existence.

Finally, the fact that recent mainnet version releases have gone almost flawlessly is a testament to the fact that devs have their priorities right IMO – i.e. make sure it “works” above everything else including bells, whistles and premature releases. For me this means that there is something huge and worthwhile coming. Namely that a cryptocurency network will have the capacity to “talk” coherently to client applications and offer them native, authentic services as opposed to brokered ones that can do no more than relay the latest version of the blockchain with a lot of added hand-waving.

Think of it this way. Have you ever seen a flock of birds manoeuvre with coherence ? All at once in response to a gust of wind, blast of noise or flash of light ? Well Dash network service layer (known to many as “Evolution”) is that flock of birds. Its mining layer, being decoupled, remains as solid as bitcoin’s. Bitcoin network meanwhile….needs to wait for the next block to do anything at all.

Thanks, Toknormal! Got an opinion on this subject? Let us know in the comment section.

Together we are stronger. Thank you, Dash Nation!

I’m not sure if you noticed, but it’s been a wild ride for the 36 Dash Dash Nation DFO (Dash Funded Organization) 2018-2019 proposal. After a tumultuous voting cycle, the Dash network voted for us to continue our work providing and maintaining fair and respectful forums for our community to enjoy.

We are very proud of our role in procuring engagement for the Dash DAO, with a current cycle-high 1615 votes cast. We realize that because of the nature of our work, we are constantly in the spotlight, and because we are community-oriented there are a lot of opinions on how we handle our work.

Brian Davis has been a great addition to the Dash Nation DFO Media team.

For the benefit of masternode owners and community members alike, I would like to reiterate the Dash Nation DFO mission statement:

“Professionalism, progress, optimism and respect. These are the founding values which Dash Nation represents. Building a positive environment is key when you are trying to educate ordinary people about a cutting edge technology like Dash. Yes, it can be complex and intimidating. That’s why Dash Nation members embody these values, to foster a great communication and learning environment. From our moderation division committed to moderating in an fair and respectful way, to our media division, representing Dash with pride, we all perform our jobs with these standards in mind. Our job is to help Dash put its best face forward by creating an atmosphere around it where everyone can enjoy themselves in peace, and promoting Dash through shows and interviews on YouTube. The combined effect of these initiatives is to create an environment which is not only pleasing to community members, but also attractive to newcomers. The Dash community deserves that.”

We believe that it’s important for the Dash community to have fairly-moderated, respectful and inclusive forums. There are many reasons for this. We are being watched in our interactions, and a community that engages in discourse respectfully, debating facts, and allowing different viewpoints to be heard will fare better than competitors. Also, this type of environment will lead to more progress, as people are free to disagree and push for possibly needed change without fear of being banished for not agreeing with the majority. Echo chambers will not help us to move forward as an organization.

Shout out to the YES vote

The team and I would like to express our heart-felt gratitude for the support that you have shown us. We do not take the responsibility that you’ve given us lightly, and we will continue to do our work to the best of our ability. From the moderation team to the media division, we will maintain our inclusive and fair forums and represent Dash with professionalism. We will continue to draw on our skills in customer service and organization to interact with community members, and lead by example for the benefit of Dash.

The Dash Nation DFO believes in fair and open forums, free of biases.

We hear the NO votes as well

Although in a minority, there are quite a few individuals in the Dash DAO who don’t believe that we are worth our small Dash ask of the network. We hear your votes as well, and will work hard to earn your vote.

I would like to take an opportunity to address some of the criticisms that we have encountered that may have led people to vote NO for our proposal:

  • Dash Nation has a bias for certain proposals or against certain others.
    This is absolutely not the case, and runs counter to everything that we as an organization stands for. We strongly believe that for Dash to realize its true potential, a truly dynamic communication environment is needed. As such, all parties should feel that their opinions or advice will be heard. Plainly put, the Dash Nation DFO’s only loyalty is to the entire Dash network. A vote for us is a vote for fairness. We are not partial to any proposal owners, not even the Dash Core Group. Please do not believe any individuals that attempt to convince you otherwise, without facts to back it up.
  • There is a “two tier” moderation system in our moderated forums. This is an understandable complaint that we sometimes see, but it results from a lack of complete information. When one of our moderators deals with an issue involving two or more people, the parties involved often only see the actions taken against them. They do not see the actions that were taken against the others. This sometimes leads people to think that the team favors one individual over the other. Rest assured, when it comes to rule infractions, the team is handling them, and documenting them with our escalation procedure. No one is immune from this. The stakes for getting it right are too high.
  • The Dash Nation on Discord is a “sh*tshow”.
    This is also understandable, and our response to this can be summed up well by Dash Nation DFO member Arthyron:
    “Well, one thing I’ve noticed doing a lot of security and moderator work, is that people have different ideas about what constitutes good performance in that capacity. I think it’s clear from the way that *** moderates their forum that the general consensus there is that “good moderation” ensures a relatively peaceful atmosphere, little controversy or flared emotions. Which is fine when everyone is on the same page ideologically, it’s the person acting out that gets the boot, but I don’t think that environment is optimal just because it’s more low key. Controversy on matters of voting and funding should absolutely be allowed, minimized of course to what is necessary, reasonable and functional to facilitate the best pragmatic outcomes. I think we (do) a good job being objective in how we (apply) and enforce the rules over all. But in a system and from the perspective of people with a different take on what good moderation looks like, objectivity looks like irresponsibility.”
    In Dash Nation on Discord, lots of different viewpoints and personalities are tolerated within the rules, and that leads to some colorful commentary from time to time. It may not always be pretty, but all sides will be allowed to be heard to determine the best course of action in any given situation. The Dash network deserves that.
  • The #storm and #coffee-bar channels are populated with leeches that don’t care about Dash, only tips.
    To the outsider, I could certainly see it appears that way. However, this is an important tool to encourage newcomers to enter the community and stick around. You will obviously get some that simply stay for tips, no avoiding that. However, in the time that we’ve been doing storms and encouraging posting in the coffee-bar, we have seen more multiculturalism in Dash Nation (a strong Filipino contingent), a few more dedicated community members than we would have had previously, and a youth movement helping to spread Dash news with the “Pink Panthers”, Dash Nation’s social media squad. The “Pink Panthers” are used by other organizations as well, such as Dash Force and the Dash Core Group, indicating that they are proving their usefulness. None of this would be happening without the draw that these two channels provide. For the relatively low spend (~$25 per storm), it’s pretty hard to complain about. The atmosphere of positivity and inclusiveness it creates is just another bonus, and this is what we value in Dash Nation.
  • Tao is greedy. He gets paid too much money for a part-time job, and pays his overworked moderators peanuts.
    I’m an honest man, and if I did not believe that I wasn’t providing value for my compensation, I would not be doing it. To be honest, I’m working for less than I budgeted for with the decline of Dash value during this term and last. However, I have not said a word about that because Dash is Dash, and I will enjoy rises in the value at times as well. The Dash Nation DFO serves the network, and as such, we believe that Dash is king. All payments to staff are made in Dash. For me, this is a full-time job. I have cut my hours at the casino to minimum to maintain my benefits, and dedicate all my remaining working time to organizing, moderating, and communicating with community members in various capacities. My moderators and media personalities have no fixed schedule, and they are all part-time. Honest pay for honest work, and that is what is happening in our organization, with complete transparency.
Reaching out to newbies is important to the progress of Dash.

The Dash Nation DFO is proud to serve the Dash network. We are very excited about the technological, financial, and social trailblazing that is the Dash DAO. Please continue to support us as we help the community get the absolute most out of our potential.

Onwards and upwards,

Tao Of Satoshi
Dash Nation DFO CEO, head moderator and chief organizer

Dash and mass adoption

Dash has been a very interesting and unique platform/project among all the others in the blockchain ecosystem.

5 years ago, Dash was born with a different name and a strong vision. Now Dash has become a disruptive factor in crypto world. We can see Dash now as an excellent example for many other projects.

2019 brings new challenges for all actors in crypto world, including Dash. Low market prices, more government regulation, and many people without information about cryptocurrency are real roadbumps for us. Even with these obstacles for an effective mass adoption, adoption must be the next big goal for every crypto in order to survive and deliver its features for people. 

Many people are skeptical about adoption, this is not new. All other game changers have lived same situation, such as internet, phones, and social media. All of them have been where we are now, I am sure time will speak loud and clear about crypto’s future. Right now we are just a few in this gigantic financial universe, but crypto is here to stay.

How to carry this process on has been a discussion point in every core team and community. Many options have been proposed and many ideas have been discussed, but the real question here is, is there a magical and/or effective way to do it?

Church’s Chicken is an example of adoption in Venezuela.

I don’t think so. I think there must be a broad strategy and a huge educational effort to reach as many people as possible. This will bring in more educated people in the ecosystem, bringing more use, more stability, and less speculation.

In this regard, my opinion is that Dash has a strong structure and a good funding system to get this task done. Both structure and funding are a real issue for many projects looking for survival. Sometimes there isn’t a structure big or clever enough to make it happen and sometimes there are not enough funds to get it done. But Dash is solid in both areas, and this is a really good advantage for Dash in this crypto adoption race for survival.

It is not an easy task, 8 billion people is a huge target, and every crypto project must come together and try to outreach most of this population in order to reach the next stage in this new era: USABILITY.

What will future bring for Dash? I am sure Dash could lead this adoption stage in a very successful way if its moves are well played. Dash’s community will be a solid leader this race. Dash’s tech specs, apps, developments, community, funding system are exceptionally good. As a Dash supporter, I can see an exciting and brilliant forthcoming future for Dash. 

Got a talent for writing? Consider becoming a contributor to our site! More info on the #dashnation_com channel on Dash Nation on Discord. Invite link below.

Get social with me, Dash Nation!

Tao is now on more social media platforms than ever! I am expanding our lineup on this site, and expanding our reach as well. Please check us out on one of your favorite social media platforms.





Understanding Dash Platform and Chain - Basic Concepts





I look forward to growing the community more through my social media outlets. Thanks for the support, Dash community!

State of Dash 2019 | Cash Alternative TV interviews Dash Core Group CEO Ryan Taylor

Brian Davis interviews Dash Core Group Ryan Taylor about Dash’s accomplishments in 2018, and discusses what is coming next in 2019. Please enjoy!

What do you think about this interview? Let us know in the comments!

Dash community: Looking for talent for!

One of the founding principles of the Dash Nation movement is that anyone can contribute. Each person has their individual strengths, and they can use these strengths to help grow the Dash ecosystem or help others. As more and more people begin to contribute in the best way they can, we can grow this revolutionary monetary, technological and social project to its full potential that much faster.

As the Dash Nation movement continues to grow (Dash Nation on Discord recently surpassed 8,000 members), we now have more community members to provide talent for grassroots projects. One of those grassroots projects is this website.

The vision for Dash Nation is in the website

When I began the concept of this website, it was to provide a portal for information about Dash and its community. I didn’t (and still don’t) have that much skill with web design, so I had to rely heavily on a former community member to help out. lay dormant for a good long time, as I concentrated my efforts on moderation in Dash Nation Slack, followed by Dash Nation on Discord. Recently, though, myself and some others have been breathing life back into it, and are ready to take the next step.

As this site is what I consider a grassroots website, made by the Dash community for the Dash community, we would like to take it to the next level. But, to make it thrive and help attract newcomers to Dash, we will need your help. If your Dash Nation strength lies in web design, writing, video creating, graphics, or anything else pertaining to making a website that would be the envy of other cryptos, we want to hear from you!

The Dash Nation movement: Grassroots efforts to grow the Dash project.

Details, Tao, details…

Recently, we made the first steps to expand this website to other community members. I approached a web designer who is willing to help use his strength to modernize the site. We also began attracting talent in other languages. Criptoneros, which is a blog, and Criptomundo, which will be a latin Dash YouTube channel will combine to bring content to Dash Nation in Spanish.

We would love to make this site top-notch. We realize it may take time to get there, but we are confident that there are some in the community who may have the Dash Nation strengths needed to help out here. So, here are the aspects we are looking for. Please ask yourself if you have the skills to help out:

  • Web design: Do you have an idea that will modernize this site and create an atmosphere that will keep people coming back?
  • Content creators: No website is high-quality without interesting content. There is enough brain power in Dash Nation to have a very interesting website, with lots of different viewpoints, languages and styles for vibrant reading or viewing. Writers, video makers and bloggers will be needed.
  • Graphic design and artists: This is something that sometimes doesn’t get enough credit. Art is something that speaks to the viewer and tells them something about Dash Nation and its people sometimes more than words. These will be needed as well.
Content makes the website. Do you have any content creation skills?

Want to help work with Dash Nation to grow Dash Nation? Apply within.

There will be a small reward (in Dash) for each contribution made to the site. It won’t make you rich, though, so you should help out because you want to see the Dash Nation project succeed. If you feel that you may have what it takes to fill these positions, please contact me (Tao Of Satoshi) in the following ways:

  • Email me at
  • PM me (@Tao Of Satoshi#9999) on Dash Nation on Discord (Invite link here)
  • Contact me on Reddit: (u/TaoOfSatoshi)
  • Contact me on Twitter:
  • Contact me on BCT: (TaoOfSaatoshi)

Looking forward to hearing from you! If we can harness and focus the talents of Dash Nation, we will build a community site that rivals or even surpasses the official one. This will be an exciting project, that will be very rewarding.

Onwards and upwards, Dash Nation! Let’s get to work.