Dash Core: Mycelium Wallet To Integrate Dash

Editor’s note: This is a Dash Business Development Update originally posted on Dash.org by Tungfa.

We are very happy to finally announce our new partnership with Mycelium!

Official press release:

Mycelium Becomes Largest Software Wallet to Integrate Dash

Partnership allows users to securely hold and send Dash seamlessly over Mycelium

New York, NY – July 21, 2016 – Mycelium, one of the world’s first and top rated software wallets, has today announced its integration with Dash, an open source, decentralized digital currency.

The integration allows Mycelium users to buy, sell and hold Dash, whose unique characteristics includes extremely low fees, advanced encryption, instant transactions, and optional payment privacy through pool mixing technology.

Dash currently has a market cap of $56 million, which is the eighth most valued cryptocurrency in the world. It’s managed by a self funded, self governed organization comprised of over 15,000 users, moving half a million dollars across the network every 24 hours. Transactions are verified by miners and the system is protected by 4,000 master nodes across the world. Dash’s in-built governance and funding system allows projects to be proposed and voted on by the community, and if approved, paid for directly from the blockchain.

Dash VP of Business Development Daniel Diaz said: “Mycelium is the bitcoin wallet veteran and one of the most widely used digital wallets. They are leaders in the space and as the industry evolves they have a vision of becoming a hub for crypto financial services. We are very excited to be partnering with Mycelium so that their fantastic user base can take advantage of Dash’s innovative features. Thousands of people are using Dash because we have a strong, stable alternative to bitcoin, perfectly suited to the mobile user.”

Mycelium’s integration of Dash will come into effect inOctober. It aligns with their current wallet redesign, where they are implementing a more modular and simpler system to support even more open source technologies. As such, they are switching from their proprietary BitLib library to the much more popular BitcoinJ.

Mycelium CEO Alexander Kuzmin said: “We benefit from giving our customers direct easy access to one of the most popular cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin, while setting up the Mycelium wallet to be a true multicurrency wallet. Dash benefits from being implemented into the world’s most popular, secure, and trusted wallet, with the backing of a company with an impeccable reputation. Dash has a team of highly skilled developers and we are extremely happy to be partnering with them. Together we will become an even larger force in the cryptocurrency space, its our goal to give customers a mainstream, easily adaptable digital wallet that will stand the test of time.”

Alongside their acclaimed wallet, Mycelium developed the revolutionary Swish, a 21st century order automation system for restaurants that reduces error, fraud, and cost, as well as Gear, a set of online business solutions designed to help businesses move to bitcoin and facilitate safer deals through escrow.

Dash VP of Business Development Daniel Diaz and Mycelium Alexander Kuzmin CEO are available for interview.