Monthly Investor Report — Dash: Detailed

Editor’s note: This is a Dash: Detailed Monthly Investor Report originally posted by Amanda B. Johnson in the Dash Forum. Read on to get a sense of how well Amanda has done in only one month:

Hi, all.

Here’s my first monthly investor report on how 123 Dash from the budget are being spent under my purview:


DASH: Detailed
has been in production for one month, publishing four episodes. During this time, subscribership has increased by more than an order of magnitude. The channel’s appearance, video titling, descriptions, and tags have all been improved. Two new merchants have begun accepting Dash after hearing about our free shout-outs, and I (Amanda) have given three media interviews.


Subscribership/view counts:

– When DD was first put to the network, Dash’s YouTube channel had ~140 subscribers. The subscriber count is now 1943, which makes for an increase of ~1400%.
– The four DD videos have a combined total of 15,100 unique views thus far
– I have been taking email subscribers for my own mailing list. The total number of people who’ve emailed amanda@dash.orgto subscribe to DD‘s weekly video is 207

Channel properties:

– Many of the videos on the channel had generic titles (like “Dash: Video Bank #9”), and most of them had categorical logic in their titles (like “VS1E03” or something). These numbering systems were all removed and the titles were made descriptive.
– Most of the videos had a copy-paste tag section, which means that the YouTube search algorithm would have viewed them as essentially being the same video with the same content. We fixed this by making custom tags for each video.
– Most of the Troubleshooting/Help videoshad nearly-identical thumbnails, which have all now been made unique.
– Some of the playlists did not havedescriptions, which has been remedied.


– After hearing about free shout-outs onDD, the real estate company Fort Galt and the screeners/printers Super Hero Printinghave begun accepting Dash. Seven free shout-outs were given to merchants who already accepted Dash, as well

FREEBIES — MediaAppearances/Alliances:

– I have made three media appearances on behalf of Dash: The DASHCast, FortGaltTV(as aired on Steemit), and Bitcoin Uncensored. I am happy to do more.
– I was contacted by, who is now publishing DD in its own article each week. See them here.


Thank you for your votes of confidence and investment. Please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions —

Great job, Amanda! You can sure pack ’em in to Dash Nation! Good luck next month!