Living Room of Satoshi Expands Service Adding Dash

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Brisbane-based Living Room of Satoshi is an application that enables customers to pay bills with cryptocurrency. Australians can pay a wide variety of bills with the service, adding more convenience to the digital economy. Over the course of 2016’s first three quarters the company has processed a total of $2 million AUD — an increase of 250% on 2015.

The service is tethered to BPAY online, software that is accepted by 45,000 firms across Australia. This November the company added the privacy-centric Dash, allowing users to utilize the currency to pay bills. Dash has the seventh highest cryptocurrency capitalization in the industry and a significant community.

“We’ve tested other coins like Ethereum, but frequent hard forks and reliability issues made it infeasible. Dash is perfectly suited as a payment system for bills and real world purchasing of goods and services,” explains the Living Room of Satoshi Founder and CEO Daniel Alexiuc…