Dash Nation Slack (and Discord) Upgrade Report

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To the masternode network:

In the interests of transparency, I am writing this to provide you with financial reporting of the funds received by the Dash Nation Slack Upgrade proposal, the reasoning behind having to go to Slack’s free plan and finally leave Slack altogether, and with the planned usage of the remaining funds until the next proposal.

The first payout was received on September 3rd, 2017. Details are below.

September 3 Budget 33.92 Dash (Dash=353.00)

Cost for September = 4510.00 Amount in Dash: 12.78
Tao Admin: 10 DASH
Proposal Fee Recovery: 1.67 DASH
Total Used: 24.45 DASH

Amount remaining from budget: 9.47 DASH

The second payout was received on October 3rd, 2017. Details are below.

October 3 Budget 33.92 DASH (Dash=295.00)

Cost for October = 5795.43 Amount in Dash 19.614
Tao Admin: 10 DASH
Proposal Fee Recovery: 1.67 DASH
Total Used: 31.28 DASH

Amount remaining from budget: 2.636 DASH
Total remaining: 12.106 DASH

Shortly after the second payout by the treasury and payment to Slack, Dash Nation began experiencing massive spam and phishing attacks for ICOs and such through DMs and Slackbot messaging. At first we established a #mods channel where members could report violations and intruders could be deactivated. Over time, however, it became apparent that the level of spam and phishing attacks were becoming overwhelming, so we turned off the auto-inviter (formerly http://dash-nation-invite.herokuapp.com) while we tried to negotiate with Slack to come up with a solution to the rampant scam propogation. To alert the Dash Nation membership to this news, I used the @channel notification which automatically notifies all members. Because of this, about 900 members checked the Slack to see what was happening. Slack bills by the active user, and bills companies right away when you reach a certain level. So, the spike in active members made the previously manageable billing level increase dramatically, and Slack was asking for an additional USD $6,000 right away, and USD $12,000 to continue on the next month. Our budget didn’t allow for any of that, so the decision was made to drop to the free plan. Details are below.

October 13, 2017 (Downgraded to free plan)

Credit of USD 2,688.57.

Communications with Slack were initially cordial, they seemed to acknowledge that we were paying so they needed to listen to us. One day, however, I received an e-mail from Slack management saying that they would be banning any additional membership to Dash Nation Slack if we used the auto-inviter at http://dash-nation-invite.herokuapp.com. This, in combination with the fact that they would not help us to develop tougher moderation tools needed by open communities, led us to the decision to come up with an alternative place to communicate and collaborate. We came to find out that other digital currency communities had received the same email that we received, so Slack is clearly not going to help communities any time soon, which I maintain is their loss.

Discord proved to be a popular choice, with a great combination of features, and a free server to grow Dash Nation and continue the great atmosphere that we had built on Slack before the phishing. That is where we are currently, a migration to Discord with the bots that are loved being ported over when the people who have access to them return. It’s going well right now, and while Discord is far from perfect, the comments so far have been mostly positive.

What will happen to the remaining budget funds now that our new home is basically free? Well, let’s take stock of the remaining funds:

Dash: 12.106 left over from the previous 2 payouts, and 33.92 from the next one around November 3rd. Total 46.026 DASH
USD: $2,688.57, or 9.23 DASH (Dash=291.00)

Dash total: 55.26

Now that the Discord server is free, we will not be needing funds to pay for the additional features that were desired for Slack. However, as Dash Nation Founder, I have a responsibility to carry on the work I have put into this communication and collaboration experience. I have had many comments and feedback that I am running an exemplary chat room, some have called it the best one on the internet. Dash deserves the best, and I work hard and am proud of the results we have accomplished with Dash Nation Slack, and now Dash Nation on Discord. I value the time that I put into this outlet at around 10 DASH per month, so the remaining funds will be used to continue enlisting my services to create and maintain a top-notch experience for all those who join Dash Nation on Discord. I will therefore be locked up for 5 months, or March 2018, with a remainder of 5.26 DASH.

During this period, we will be negotiating with Discord to see if there is anything we can do to take the Discord experience to the next level. In April 2018, I will be submitting a new budget for Dash Nation on Discord that will simply feature my management fee (adjusted for any differences in the price of Dash), and any additional funds required to enlist talent to add to the Dash Nation on Discord experience. If you value the experience that has been created on Dash Nation on Discord, I would appreciate your support.

May Dash Nation expand globally, and see Dash used as the digital alternative to cash!


Tao (Dash Nation Founder)