An Official Message From The Dash Nation Moderation Team

— Official Statement from Dash Nation on Discord —

Greetings, Dash Nation!

I hope you are well. This Sunday afternoon has proven to be rather eventful for me, as I’m used to slow days on the weekend. Today, however, things really blew up, as I discovered baseless accusations of all sorts being levied against me from people who have created a separate Discord to Dash Nation where unprofessional things like swearing, rampant biases on display, and outright lying can be seen throughout its short history. The scary part is that this Discord was established by Dash Force. I would have expected better from them. But, this is something that may have been building for a long time.

The link to this Discord that they were planning to ninja-launch to the commmunity while still retaining moderator rights on Dash Nation:

My only allegiance is to fairness, and to building the Dash community. As such, the mandate of Dash Nation is to provide respectful forums in which to discuss and collaborate about Dash. Dash Force does not seem to hold themselves to this high standard.

Let me explain from the beginning which would be when we migrated from Dash Nation Slack, and the Dash Nation on Discord proposal was posted. We promised fair and respectful forums where anyone should feel free to air concerns or anything they wanted about Dash without fear of ad-hominems or bullying behaviour. The only other stipulation is that the discourse remain factual, without attempting baseless narratives or passing opinion as fact. As we mentioned in the proposal, this was because we believe in creating a welcoming atmosphere for all types of people. It may be too bland for some people’s tastes, but it’s safe and welcoming.

A short version of Dash Nation moderation team accomplishments during this time:

– Dash Nation on Discord: DND is and continues to be the premier place to discuss Dash and collaborate on Dash projects. We have grown from an initial small gathering to now close to 6,000 members, and we continue to oversee the positive environment that we created there from the beginning. We have received many comments from people who are incredulous that this place even exists on the internet. That’s the reaction we strive for, as it means Dash is a step above the rest, and makes us proud.

– Dash Forum: Not too much action was required here to clean it up, actually. Due to the instances of other more popular forums, it doesn’t see the volume of traffic that the other two see. The main steps performed here to bring it up to Dash Nation standards have been to ban a prodigious troll after giving him fair chance to clean up his act, ban spammers, and enforce the rules of Dash forums that are clearly posted in the General Discussion channel. As a result, the forum may not be that active, but it’s a lot less toxic, and once again, the team takes pride in this.

– Dashpay Subreddit: This forum was a particular challenge, as it had an encumbent moderator who sometimes rightfully and sometimes unrightfully had his name dragged through the mud on a constant basis, and many complaints about the toxic nature with baseless accusations from trolls being dealt with in a forceful way, because no rules existed to ban speculation as fact. This was a hard process, and we eventually managed to clean it up and impart on our more vocal community members the expectations that were in effect in this forum. Neither side of any debate is going to be wrong or right 100% of the time, so that’s why handling violations on a case-by-case basis is important to the team at Dash Nation. Troll activity has decreased in a major way, as well, as we no longer entertain and waste our valuable time with baseless narratives. Recently, we have encouraged tipping other users there on the reddit, and this is serving to increase satisfaction there as well. It has been a dramatic change there, and we are proud to facilitate that as well.

We are here to serve the network, and we take pride in what we do. Thanks for your continued support so far.

Now, to the problems between Dash Nation and Dash Force that have popped up behind the scenes, leading to a second Discord being created by Dash Force (

For a long while, after the Discord was established, under the leadership of myself and TroyDash, everything was going well behind the scenes. Rules were enforced plainly, and everyone seemed to be on the same page. I will state for the record that two out of the three Dash Force leaders were not all that active there, but that’s understandable due to the fine work they do for Dash elsewhere. TheDesertLynx, however was very active.

The seeds for the rift, IMO, were sown after the Max Yoga/Ben Swann debate. Although the actions of some of the parties were in violation of Dash Nation rules, with one party being permanently banned and the other close to it, the end result was that the points that they made, rightly or wrongly, were somewhat responsible for Ben Swann getting defunded. If you’re not aware, TheDesertLynx was chiefly responsible for bringing Ben Swann to Dash, and this is a proposal that I personally still support. But my support is irrelevant to this.

After this, and I’m not stating that was the reason, because that would be speculation as fact, myself and TroyDash began to notice a particular aggressiveness towards Max Yoga from TheDesertLynx. Sometimes we would agree, other times we would not, but the consistent trend of analyzing his posts with a fine-tooth comb was noticed. This is not the way we operate in the Dash Nation team. It’s important to remember, Dash Nation isn’t part of Core, Dash Force, Dash Embassy DACH, Kuvacash, or any other project currently vying for funding. Our sole mandate is to be impartial to the politics and provide a respectful atmosphere so Dash can attract like-minded individuals to this fantastic team. As such, we are going to uphold the rules in total fairness, and we began to believe that wasn’t the case with Joel. I’m sure he will speak to that, which I encourage, we are just stating the observations Troy agreed on.

For Dash Nation’s part, we have disciplined both sides of the Kuvacash/Dash Embassy DACH debate, and spoke to both sides of the Kuvacash/Dash Force debate. Fairness is our goal.

The situation with this continued to deteriorate in the mod channel with a big exchange a few weeks back in which Dash Force members tried to assert authority over Dash Nation because they had been funding it through their mod squad portion of funding. More on that later. It was explained to them that it was not a democracy, Dash Nation was founded by myself and I have to answer for any decision that it makes. As such, the control over the decisions it makes has to fall with me as the final say. Now, I don’t take this “final say” lightly, I’m not some dictator that doesn’t listen to his staff, I just take that input and make a decision that I feel is right. I’m also given strong feedback by TroyDash as he is one of the fairest people I have known. If challenged on it, I would be able to defend every moderation decision I have made. Some would consider that heavy-handed, but it’s who I am and why I am able to get the results that I do.

So, unbeknownst to me until today, the current moderators of Dash Nation on Discord, who are also the leaders of Dash Force and with AgnewPickens, instead of owning up to disagreeing with me and resigning from their postitions, went and started a new Dash Discord ( This to me indicated their true integrity level. Upon visiting this new Discord which resembled a frat house of kids rebelling against their dad, with swearing, cutting up Dash Nation policies and Kuvacash, while supposedly sporting similar policies themselves in the #rules channel, I found out their level of adherence to fairness. I saw all I needed to see.

Takeway: Brian Freeman (AKA Mastermined), Joel Valenzuela (AKA TheDesertLynx), AgnewPickens and Mark Mason have all been removed from their positions as Dash Nation on Discord moderators.

The reasons have been explained to them: For not representing the values that Dash Nation represents. I would like to say that I have offered Mark Mason a position in Dash Nation, if he ever decides to extricate himself from this somewhat unprofessional team. Of them all, he is the one I respect the most. I’m sorry it had to come to this, but i must remain true to my values and my decision making process. I have also given the remaining moderation members who carry “dual-citizenship”, to choose between Dash Force and Dash Nation. I need moderators I can trust, and it has to be one or the other. This decision should be reached soon, and I hold no ill-will against the remaining two guys from Dash Force.

Now, that being said, there are a couple of misconceptions about my proposal that were levied against me by Dash Force, and reinforced in this rogue Discord. I would like to pre-emptively clear the air here:

– TheDesertLynx has accused me of being biased as I am pro-Kuvacash: This is not true, as I also used to support Dash Force, and may again if they clean up their act here. I have also banned and nearly banned two members of the Kuvacash team. As mentioned above, the mandate of Dash Nation is to foster a positive, respectful environment without surrendering to the politics of the day. If anything I am biased towards being fair, and I can back up any decision I ever made to this end. I have taken his accusations in stride up to this point, but I will no longer do so.

– Dash Force pays moderators and Tao refuses to part with any money to pay his team (Even using AgnewPickens as an example of my tyranny, saying that I denied him funding while it was known he was getting paid by Dash Force): This whole thing is a mess. I don’t like messes, and it will be cleaned up in the following budget cycle. Dash Force, for reasons unknown, I will let them speak for that so as not to speculate, has paid Dash Nation moderators since the establishment of Dash Nation on Discord. Therefore, I had thought that this situation was taken care of, and only new moderators would need to get paid. Apparently there are moderators who are not getting paid, and I have reached out to them with a post to make themselves known so I can rectify this situation. This post was made before Dash Force was removed as moderators, but TheDesertLynx, in the newly-established Discord ( doubled-down on this narrative and outright lied in the attempt to discredit Dash Nation. (Yes, I have proof of this, and you can see for yourselves if he didn’t delete it, I have a copy anyway). Not cool, and I expected more from Dash Force.

In addition, and in accordance with your trust in me, all Dash Nation expenditures will be reported, with any remaining funds being used for future proposals. I appreciate your support and trust. I’m here for the long haul, and I’m here for Dash.

Moving forward: The new Dash Nation DFO proposal will be posted this month, featuring remuneration for myself, the moderation team and small sums for Cash Alternative TV and Dash Decentral. Our only goal in Dash Nation is to attract newcomers, and taking care of community members with positive forums that enhance our growth. I hope I can continue to have your support. Thanks for reading this.

I’ve said my piece, you know how to contact me in the various forums. Have a great day.

Tao Of Satoshi
Dash Nation Founder and Dash Forums Moderator