What Does A Chainalysis Integration Mean For Dash’s Privacy?

Ever since Evan Duffield created Darkcoin and introduced PrivateSend mixing as a method to insure transactional privacy, it’s been a point of pride for many in the Dash community. So, it comes as a shock to these people when Dash gets integrated into compliance firms such as Coinfirm or Chainalysis. But is the news so bad? Has Chainalysis broken Dash’s privacy feature? Is the Dash community seeing the balance between this apparent hit to its privacy reputation and the reward of being eligible for further integrations and adoption? Christopher (Tao) looks at these questions and more in this episode of CATV.

Chainalysis Dash integration announcement: https://blog.chainalysis.com/reports/introducing-chainalysis-investigation-compliance-support-dash-zcash

Chainalysis website: https://chainalysis.com

Cash Alternative TV Media Hub: https://www.dashnation.com/catv

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