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For crypto-currency users, Dash is no stranger anymore. But people who are new to the world of digital money may wonder what Dash is. Let’s review a little Dash history. Dash was originally named Xcoin. Xcoin was launched in January 2014. Xcoin was not so popular as Bitcoin. The founder of Xcoin was Evan Duffield. Xcoin was a fork of the Bitcoin protocol. Xcoin changed its name to Darkcoin. Darkcoin was used for the black market. However, in March 2015 Darkcoin changed its name to DASH which is a portmanteau of “Digital Cash”.

In 2017 Evan Duffield and Dash developers started getting support from Arizona State University. It started from this place where Dash got help with scaling, security, and other things. From the coin made only as a means of privacy, it finally become a project that has more value than other Bitcoin forks.

Why do Dash prices tend to be stable?

The Dash blockchain network uses two node types. A mining network like Bitcoin and the Masternode network. With Dash network, Chainlock technology will mitigate or reduce the risk of failure when getting an 51% attack. Someone to commit a counterfeit transaction or attack on the Dash network must attack two networks at once and requires a huge number of Dash. This process will make Dash’s price go up the market. Therefore to perform an attack on the Dash network requires a very large cost because it should take a very large number of existing Dash on the market.

Dash Price fluctuation since 2014

A Dash lifetime price chart

Dash’s price in the first year is very low. The lowest price noted on Coinmarketcap is 0.21 USD on February 14, 2014. Dash’s highest price is 1642.2 USD on December 20, 2017. The current price on July 30, 2020 is 81.74 USD. According to the calculations of Coinmarketcap price increase if an investor bought Dash in 2014 is 9000%. In January 2019 the Dash price range is 70 – 90 USD. In mid-2020 the Dash price is still stable at that range. This shows the tendency price of the dash is more stable nowadays.

Investment opportunities on the Dash

Dash is a coin that has applied some technology in crypto currency namely Masternode, Chainlocks, Instantsend, and Long-living Masternode quorums (LLMQs).

The Masternode on Dash is the second stage after mining in the Dash network. In addition to being run by miners, the Masternode network provides double security on the Dash network.

Chainlocks is a technology on Dash that serves to prevent multiple transactions and attack 51% attack on the Dash network.

Instantsend is a transaction that’s instantly confirmed on Dash. The transaction speed on Dash reaches 2 seconds of transaction.

LLMQs are tasked with signing messages on the InstantSend and Chainlocks features. A quorum is a group of masternodes that agree on a message. This Quorum will detect the beginning of any transaction abnormalities occurring in the Dash network.

Because of the many technological features that Dash has and its longevity, Dash is a very safe and attractive crypto currency for investors.

Dash has an established community

Lots of exchanges and merchants accept Dash.

Dash is not a new coin. The Dash community is vast and some big merchants have already received Dash as an official payment. Many developers are active on this network. In addition, Dash market is also very wide. Dozens of exchanges offer Dash trading pairs. The community of a crypto currency is an asset. A crypto currency without an established community will not be as valuable.

Here are some retailers and merchants who accept payments with Dash

  • Bitrefill is a merchant of giftcard and phone and electricity bills that serve more than 170 countries. My home country of Indonesia is also on the Bitfrefill list.
  • CheapAir is a flight and hotel ticket sales site that accepts Dash.
  • Discover Dash is a site to get information about retailers that accept Dash payments.

Dash debit cards

In addition to merchants and retailers, Dash is also available in several debit card providers including:

Spend is supported by Visa cards, which accept payments of more than 40 countries.

Bitsa IS an ATM card that can be converted and withdraw cash to the local currency.

Dash wallets

There are several Dash wallets that can be used from web wallets, PC wallets and second or third party providers. A wallet I prefer is the MyDashWallet web wallet. Here the security is also with a seed phrase and password.

To view a full list of wallets visit the following link


Dash is a coin that is safe and has a good future because it is supported by a vast community.

For the Indonesian community, you can trade dash on Indodax.

The Dash price there is currently in the 1,170,000 Rupiah range. The price is quite high for a coin, now you know why!

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