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Video gaming is one of the fastest growing sectors in the entertainment industry. According to data from, by the end of 2021, there will be more than 2.7 billion regular players worldwide.

Today, gamers would seem to make excellent partners with cryptocurrencies as both involve rapidly-changing technology. Over the years, gamers have kept up with technological advances and often spend their time in front of a screen, looking for entertainment.

In Venezuela, the COVID-19 pandemic has drastically affected the economy. People have sought ways to generate income from their homes as it is currently quite difficult to obtain fiat money. Even though people receive a salary, it is usually only enough to cover a small amount of basic necessities.

These times of crisis have led people to seek alternatives. Among those people are gamers. In addition to being a form of entertainment for many, gamers have been able to learn how to get income in both electronic dollars and crypto currencies through various online games. Some games allow you to earn pennies or tokens of crypto currencies. This has led gamers to dive deeper and read more about ways to get income from games and how to generate many more profits.

Blockchain technology has broken through on an international level. Venezuelans, gamers and non-gamers alike, are learning and want to know more about the cryptocurrencies that are in the market today.

Many merchants accept Dash in Venezuela.

Dash in Venezuela

In Venezuela, Dash has become one of the most renowned due to its transaction speed, security, low fees, and for being a store of value against rapidly-devaluating fiat money.

That is why Venezuelans who have been dedicated to obtaining profits in cryptocurrencies on the various gaming platforms, have been attracted to Dash. Add to this the fact that Dash has the largest number of shops in Venezuela where one can spend it, and it makes sense why Dash would see success. Gamers seeking Dash are making a bit of income while avoiding the problems that are experienced today in the country with traditional payment platforms: connection problems, friction and banking limits.

Some Venezuelans have eliminated the need to stand in long queues to pay for products and services at points of sale. In a country experiencing such a difficult crisis, with time having such a great value, Dash has been a solution to those problems. This allows gamers, traders and savers to invest most of their time in making money while they stop worrying about how to pay for their products or services thanks to Dash.

It is important to know more about digital currencies because they allow you to obtain what you never could do while working for someone else, your “financial freedom”. Education is very important. There are still many more people to reach; many more lives to change for the better. From a country in crisis you can get many good things and cryptocurrencies such as Dash have come to help.

Teams like Dash Help and Dash Mall and Parking are part of a great educational campaign in Venezuela that is spreading daily. Hundreds of people are joining Dash and acquiring enriching knowledge. Through all their social networks Dash Help and Dash Mall and Parking are responsible for providing this education first hand in the malls of Venezuela. Having more ways to earn, store, and spend Dash moving forward will create a Dash Nation in Venezuela.

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