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The Dash Core Group and other promoters of Dash like Dash Next have been working tirelessly to create and foster partnerships that lead to the propagation of Dash as the foremost trading cryptocurrency all over the globe. In line with this, they have been working to make Dash available for trade on the most popular and secure exchanges around the world, one of such exchanges is Liquid.

Liquid is a trading and exchange company that has created an ecosystem for easy and secure trading in cryptocurrency. Founded in 2014, Liquid boasts of over $50 billion traded over the course of the last twelve months, and over 300 employees that ensure a smooth and safe ecosystem where traders can make profit. They’re are independent of financial institutions and third party apps or exchanges, hence risk is low, and arbitrage opportunities are utilized timely. They also provide the trader with vital information tools which make cryptocurrency a safe investment for all.

The partnership between Dash and Liquid was announced via the company’s twitter handle as they posted; “Liquid has just added a $DASH/USDT pair. Dash continues to remain one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in use today. Consequently, we expect to see Dash continue to play a prominent role in the crypto market for years to come”.

With this new partnership, Dash sets out to increase its presence in the trading stratosphere, as the large community of individual or institutional traders registered on Liquid now have the opportunity to execute their business using Dash. Professional traders on Liquid will soon be aware of how perfect the Dash currency fits the billing when it comes to trade and commerce, as it boasts of being the easiest adaptable digital currency to the commerce and trading ecosystem by virtue of its unique one-of-a-kind technologies that assure speed and security of business transactions.

Implications for Dash

As stated earlier, with this partnership, Dash increases its reach and influence in the e-commerce and trading ecosystem, with this increased popularity leading to increased adoption when traders find out how easy and secure it is to trade in Dash with its InstantSend and Chainlocks features. Subsequent to this partnership, Dash added Liquid as a partner under its newly-released framework called FastPass. This innovative network of integrated companies simplifies operations for the professional trader and enables him/her to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities before any of his/her peers who trade in other digital currencies.

Conclusively, partnerships like this tend to create bullish trends for Dash and also ultimately increase its adoption rates across the globe.

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