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When I first learned about cryptocurrency, I dreamed about the possibilities. The legacy financial system had so many flaws, and this new way of handling finance seemed to have such a bright future. Bitcoin, created by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto, was the de facto leader of this new dynamic by virtue of being the first on the scene. Its ability to send any amount of money, anywhere, at any time without any borders sent my mind reeling anticipating what was to come.

Over time, however, I began to sour on the innovator due to some pretty big drawbacks. Bitcoin was definitely an improvement on the clunky legacy system, but cracks began to appear in the areas of scalability, security, privacy and economics. While the ability and the talent to fix these issues were there, the Bitcoin community was stalemated by the lack of a decisive governance mechanism to ascertain its wishes. These were all major issues that rendered the Bitcoin experience less than ideal for a currency that strove to be the leader of a new digital economy.

A superior alternative emerges

In 2014, the uber-talented and ambitious creator of Dash, Evan Duffield, sought to improve the Bitcoin experience. He pitched his ideas for scalability, economics and enhanced privacy to the core developers, but they rejected his plans. Undaunted, Mr. Duffield simply created his own digital currency to institute his ideas. He began by focusing on privacy, and moved on to scalability and economic incentives. He was a pioneer, the creator of many innovative digital currency enhancements that are in use today. I thank Mr. Duffield for his vision, and appreciate his creation. The world would soon see a Dash economy, with many divisions around the world.

One day every one of these shops will accept Dash.


As a result of Evan Duffield and others’ efforts, we now have a digital currency experience that fulfills the requirements needed to be a leader in the new digital age. People around the world are delighted with Dash’s simplicity, speed, security and optional privacy. These aspects will be very important to many in the new dynamic that we are on the cusp of.  The exciting part about this is that Dash is in use now, doing what it was designed to do, and doing it well.

A global Dash economy is the goal

The Dash Nation movement aims to build a thriving culture around Dash. People respond to being part of something larger than themselves, and find a sense of purpose contributing to a movement which will bring a better future for themselves and their descendants. A digital currency, or more specifically a Dash financial system, with its many benefits, is definitely something to strive for and share your skills in honor of.

The Voices of Dash Nation writing initiative has been quite a success up to this point. It has attracted writers from around the globe, and has produced quite a few articles in three different languages. The writers have been great to work with, and definitely deserving of the “Thank You” payment that they receive upon article completion. Writing has been done since the dawn of time, but getting paid in Dash for doing it? That’s new, but I’m betting it will become standard sooner than we think.

A Dash economy is springing up in the Dash Nation ecosystem. I’ve never met any of the writers. They come from around the world. When they sign up to be Voices of Dash Nation writers, they must supply their Dash address for payment and tips. I encourage you to check out their writing and leave a tip if you enjoyed their work. Upon completion of their articles, they receive a small payment in thanks of contributing their skills to the movement. And after making many payments, I’m definitely impressed with the Dash network in its handling of them.

dash economy

Business owners would be very happy using Dash.

What this means for business owners

The quality of the Dash network really shines when you’re making multiple payments to various individuals all over the world. Just send to an address. Confirmation is quick, usually less than two seconds. The author receives their payment instantly, no matter where in the world they are. If businesses near them take Dash, they can take that payment and spend it right away. Think about all of the hoops I would have to go through to do the same thing with the legacy system. How much it would cost me and how long would it take. Even using Bitcoin pales in comparison because of its slow speed and high fees.

If you are a business owner, incorporating Dash into your business would seem to be a no-brainer. As I am starting my own little Dash economy here in Dash Nation, I can definitely vouch for the experience. And I’m sure the writers would as well. If Dash Nation is successful with its mission over time, we will definitely send you some passionate Dash Blue Hearts to shop with their Dash in your establishment. I’m thankful to Dash for keeping my dreams of a new global digital economy alive, and it deserves to be at the forefront of it.

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