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Education’s one of the main engines of society, and one of the resources that will make us free.

In any developed country, being a teacher implies a wealth of benefits, both professional and personal. However, in Venezuela, this sector is hit hard for teachers by the economy and the reality in which we are living nowadays. There aren’t fair or adequate salaries, there isn’t protection for the teachers and their rights are vilely violated every day.

The education sector is statistically the lowest paid compared to other sectors in the country, both in the public and private sector. Each day, an estimated income of $ 0.33 dollars is obtained, an “amount” that doesn’t reflect the effort and dedication that all teachers invest and put into in their daily work.

Very real challenges faced by teachers

Now, if we must add that due to this confinement, all the teachers must implement new communication and teaching strategies. The likes of which they are neither accustomed to nor gifted with, so everything looks uphill. Also, the lack of income doesn’t allow them to acquire an electronic device that facilitates the communication with their students. It is well known that multimedia and data are difficult to come by. Another important aspect to mention is that the lack of income doesn’t adjust to the economic reality that the country is experiencing either, since our official currency is constantly devaluing and is currently the only one with which their salaries are paid.

Researching, reading and analyzing ways on how to improve my economy, how to invest money and how to come by greater profits safely, I found articles that talked about Dash, and it was ,without a doubt, the ideal solution.

A whole new financial world

The world of Dash has allowed me to invest, and obtain greater profits than I would perceive in my work. It required relatively less effort in comparison to the wear and tear that the education sector requires. In addition, Dash offers easy, safe and reliable payment methods. I don’t depend on points of sale that are slow and that debit and subtract money from the account without my permission, or the cash that is so difficult in my country.

Dash offers easy solutions to so many problems that we have today. For example, making a simple transfer of money to your balance to keep your phone device active, among many other use cases. The attributes of Dash make it, without a doubt, the best path that we all must follow to achieve growth. Dash will not only help you economically, but also mentally, because it allows you to think and work for yourself and get better results thus fulfill your economy’s needs.

Educating others about Dash will be key

As a teacher and entrepreneur, the objective of this article is to make Dash better known as a solution and a saving method for all those people who want a better quality of life. Also, I would like to invite my colleagues, my students’ parents, and owners and headmasters of private and public schools and institutes of all levels of education, to implement with Dash a new method of salary payments for the teachers, employees, and workers which should be adjusted based on the reality we live today, and the effort that we make every day for the learning of our students.

The owners will realize that by implementing Dash as a form of payment and income, they will sustain a profitable economy. A “back to back” for the entire community involved.

Also, it is important to take advantage of the teaching space so that young people not only enjoy a good education, but also get to know DASH as an alternative of economic freedom, which helps them to be the next entrepreneurs in our country and to break the chains of employees.

A new world demands new ways of generating economies. And that is what Dash offers us.

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