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The oil-producing country of Venezuela has been immersed in the most severe economic crisis that a Latin American country has faced in modern history. In recent years, Venezuela’s currency has suffered an abysmal devaluation, and money is now in a situation of scarcity. This has affected companies but its greatest impact is felt by the general population. People struggle in search of the best options when it comes to supplying the most basic and necessary inputs for their day. Venezuelans’ minimum wages have fallen to $2.26 per month.

A process of steady financial weakening is taking place in every Venezuelan home. The deterioration of the oil sector, the country’s main source of income, has been quite significant to the point that today there is no more production. It has surpassed 14 negative quarters, aggravating the collapse of the Bolivar and the deterioration of the economy.

A brighter financial tool emerges

Dash, a cryptocurrency focused on speed and ease of use, has had a resounding growth in this country amid the tough market conditions. It’s adoption numbers have been historically strong, as more than half of its points of sale are in Venezuela.

More and more businesses are added to the list every day because of the solutions that Dash offers to entrepreneurs, freelancers and others. This brings an immeasurable advantage because in addition to allowing fast transactions, Dash facilitates the sending of remittances and ensures the receipt of money in seconds without third parties or high commissions. This is a great opportunity that allows the purchase of supplies from outside the country.

remittances with dash cryptocurrency

Faster and more secure remittances with Dash

Making a payment from anywhere to anyone in the world at any time with Dash is easy, simple and effective. As such, Dash has been considered a solution for people who send remittances to their relatives. Since it is easy to access, direct, and without intermediaries, payment is guaranteed, and encourages quick delivery by businesses. There can be no fraud like what has occurred on several occasions with fiat currencies (i.e. when a remittance is made to Venezuela there are people who have absconded with the money received in their accounts). That’s why Dash has a timely advantage in this moment with what the Venezuelan population is going through. In fact, there are many businesses that offer favorable discounts for the pocket if we make payments with this innovative cryptocurrency.

Dash is more than a benefit, it is a necessity in our lives. Despite the cessation of projects such as Cubobit or Remezaza (Mexican projects), Dash still allows us to make direct remittances from countries like Spain and Mexico (where I am currently). I am a Venezuelan migrant and I have the opportunity to buy Dash through a P2P method to obtain necessities in places like Inversiones Emunah, a company that offers food in the City of Cabimas. I can make the purchase from the comfort of my home and then I receive these life essentials a little while later with a delivery service.

Dash Nation is worldwide

Dash is global. There are also similar services in Caracas, Merida, Zulia and more. Dingo is one of them, a delivery service that offers shopping with Dash in Caracas just by contacting them through their Whatsapp. You can easily make purchases from your home. “Buy what you want with Dingo”.

Besides this, there are many other benefits. If I don’t have time to make a purchase for my mom in Venezuela, I send Dash to her Dash Text wallet and she can make her purchases through a text messaging service. Dash Text makes Dash accessible to anyone with any kind of cellphone, and features easy to learn commands.

As a Dash user I wouldn’t exchange it for any other cryptocurrency. Getting basic life essentials was my headache since I’m living in Mexico, and Dash has changed my way of doing business and I’m happy to count on it wherever and whenever I want.

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