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Chile is a very important and relevant country within the Latin American continent, and lately, it has been of great help to more than 600,000 Venezuelans who have decided to emigrate because of the political, economic and social problems that have occurred in our country during these last years.

Chileans are an honest, hard-working, and united population that are looking for an evolution and growth within the economic sector, which has been affected by the number of people from different countries who have moved to that region throughout this recent time.

As a result of the aforementioned, the exchange platform OrionX has partnered with Dash. They have decided to join together to offer Chileans and foreigners who are currently living within that country access to and consumption of this leading digital currency for payments, which is impacting the world, day by day, with its innovations.

What is the OrionX platform?

Before talking about this Union, it is necessary to make a brief mention of what OrionX is and what this platform means for the Chilean population and the rest of Latin America.

OriónX is one of the most advanced encryption platforms in this Latin American country. It’s been operating since 2017, and its is based in Santiago, Las Condes.

It offers all users in Chile and Latin America a safe and reliable system to access cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, among others. No matter whether you’re buying or selling, this is the best option that the digital market offers today in day within Chile.


OrionX Alliance with Dash

Dash took the correct strategy to make itself known within the Chilean market, and through this great alliance with OrionX, users of this platform will be able to quickly acquire Dash through the commercial pair of Dash to Chilean Peso.

As part of the partnership, meetings were held and a complete educational content was provided to the entire audience called “Dash takes OrionX”. This happened last Wednesday, September 9, 2020, and it was carried out by the OrionX team in cooperation with the NGO Bitcoin Chile and Dash.

These kinds of initiatives and decisions are always positive, because they help to clarify doubts or any eventuality that may arise associated with the use and application of Dash, and at the same time, they offer an unveiling of all the positive aspects that Dash has to offer to new users.

In an interview, Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, said:

“The integration with OrionX greatly enhances Dash’s presence in LatAm and allows users to access Dash in Chile and other Latin American countries. The integration also supports our growth strategy in the two most relevant segments for the region: merchants. benefit from Dash’s fast deposits and withdrawals.

The 600,000 Venezuelans living in Chile can access Dash to send financial support to family members at home for much less than traditional remittance services. These are things that make this partnership stand out and give us confidence that it will support Dash’s growth in the region. “

Future of Dash with the Association with OrionX within the Chilean market.

The OrionX exchange is the easiest platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in Chile. This is undoubtedly beneficial for Dash, offering another on-ramp to the network. Chilean people will be able to avail themselves of the best option that exists today within digital currencies.

It also allows foreigners residing in the country to help their family through remittances with Dash InstantSend. Dash offers speed and security when transferring money, and has different alternatives for storing and transacting, either a Dash wallet or Dash Text.

Finally, for all Chileans and foreigners, using Dash is beneficial and positive. It allows them to solve many problems and difficulties with payments or remittances. This makes Dash, once again, the best payments solution that many citizens of different nationalities currently have.

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