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Media Celular, a Movistar-authorized Venezuelan business with offices in western Zulia State cities (Ciudad Ojeda, Maracaibo, Cabimas, and San Francisco), has a partnership with Dash that’s resulting in increasing benefits on both sides. They also make mobile phone refills for Movistar a simple process for their clients.

Commercial adoption, more results

The Dash Mall and Parking team is one of the Dash movement promoters that also is a Venezuelan project. They partnered with Media Celular to provide Movistar clients who live in areas where there aren’t any Movistar agents available a way to get their phone bills paid in DASH. Dash Mall and Parking clients who already know how to use this cryptocurrency can contact them via Whatsapp to get their phone balances refilled. But anyone that wants to learn how to use Dash can do it as well.


Clients benefit from this union not only by paying their phone bills. They also get to buy SIM Cards, change billing plans, and get corporate packs. All this made them perform over 1000 transactions paid in DASH since 2020´s pandemic times began.

Paola Cannita, CEO of Media Celular, shared confidential information where it shows the payments received in Dash (Digital Cash) on their Dash wallet. (For safety purposes the address is not fully shown).


Also, Yoana Castillo, CEO of Dash Mall and Parking, said:

“This alliance will allow this project to grow even more in the region during this quarantine times, as it generates instant pays and real solutions, that represents the utility of this cryptocurrency in Venezuela.”

Fast and easy

Reading comments on a Dash chat on telegram, I found this post (first photo on the left), and minutes later another user Erick Birbe commented:


“I just used this service on phone balance refills and it was a success, caught my attention that they don’t apply additional taxes. Wanted to put X VES and was charged exactly that amount I tried it, to find out how fast it was and to have the experience. In this crypto world, there are many scams so we always have to be on guard. I´ve used before Bitrefill and Bidali which are online platforms that have no intermediary to refill your phone balance, but to refill $1 you have to pay almost $2 or even more. So when I saw the add I got in mind I had to try it.”

C:\Users\mariale\Downloads\IMG_20200804_113639 (1).jpg

“So I tried it as well, and I can say they were kind. The minimum amount authorized to refill is great as you can refill from VES 100.000,00 (that is like USD 0.50). But what I think the best part is that I asked about commissions or taxes I had to pay from my wallet, they said that it was the amount that appears on my wallet, which meant that had no additional charges, then it took some minutes and I started getting confirmation from my phone company. So I´m Totally satisfied.”

After speaking to Erick I wanted to try it myself, so I spoke to Dash Mall and Parking team and it was fantastic! It was as easy as he had said. I agree with him. And Movistar is not the only phone company in Venezuela is working with Dash Mall and Parking on phone line refills. Digitel is too! So I can refill anyone in my family’s and my own phone by paying with Dash and saving money… Perfect!


Using Dash makes life easier

Finally, I can say that the more I find out about the advantages of using this cryptocurrency the more I think that Dash was created to ease our lives. That’s especially true in Venezuela where we are hanging strong on every solution that we find that is good to keep.

Just the fact of that two of the main phone companies in Venezuela are working with Dash is an acknowledgment of this altcoin’s credibility. As I see it, the Dash community keeps on growing, businesses keep on allying to improve their services and consumers keep on being satisfied. Dash has come to stay and we are not letting go!

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