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Thailand is, without a doubt, a country recognized not only on its continent but worldwide for its culture, traditions, and gastronomy. Its idiosyncrasies are surely of great interest to tourists.

It’s also a country with a strong economy and thriving social scene that’s perfect for new ideas to help bring financial freedom to all the people of this country.

Dash arrives in Thailand

Dash is one of the cryptocurrencies that is expanding throughout the world economy. It definitely wants to get into the Asian market, since it has managed to establish itself strongly in other regions. Countries like Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and parts of Africa have already joined the Blue Hearts in Dash Nation.

This steady growth resulted in its arrival in Thailand through the Dash Thailand and Dash Next teams. These teams introduced a partnership between Dash and Cgift that will bring tangible benefits for the Thai population, taking into account that Asia is expected to dominate the cryptocurrency industry during 2020.

Dieter Linnekogel, Head of Branding and Acquisitions at Cgift, reiterates that fact:

“Overall, the Asian market is the leading and fastest growing region in the world when it comes to cryptocurrencies. The latest technologies and the most innovative products will be from there and with a population of 650 million people there are many opportunities to consolidate cryptocurrencies in the general market.”

Linnekogel added:

“We have decided to start our Asian operations from Thailand due to our strong partnership with the Dash / Thailand team based there. Also, Thailand is a country where cryptocurrencies are officially legal. This fact has a significant impact on cryptocurrency users looking for easy and comfortable access to the crypto market. Currently we do not have physical locations in Thailand, but we are planning to operate in different types of stores, such as convenience stores, electronic stores, video game chain stores. In addition, we are also going to launch ATMs in high-traffic pedestrian zones, which allow customers to buy cryptocurrencies more easily.”

Dash and Cgift’s Thai strategies

With these words, it’s clear that the plan with the alliance between Dash and Cgift is to establish a strong presence in emerging markets. The conditions are ripe for solid growth in Thailand economically socially, and legally. Cryptocurrencies such as Dash allow for better lifestyle for the Thai people so it makes sense that the objective is to grow and expand throughout the eastern continent.


Dash is uniquely positioned to excel in Thailand due to its smooth, secure network with fast transactions. In developing countries where every penny counts, Dash thrives due to its less-than-a-cent transaction fees. Dash presents a strong cryptocurrency experience to all Thai consumers and entrepreneurs that they can enjoy in their daily lives. I encourage the Thai people to launch Dash community initiatives and build a loyalty around Dash, like we have in other parts of the world.

Benefits of Dash in Thailand

The benefits of Dash within the economy in Thailand today are very impressive. Because of its technology and the climate in Thailand, they are breaking geographical barriers and saving Thai consumers the headaches of using fiat money.

Undoubtedly, future plans for Thailand will include building a thriving digital economy. Dash is well-positioned to be the cryptocurrency standard and leader in this new era.

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