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When writers and poets want to write about a country that offers romance, beauty, tenderness and love, one of the first that immediately comes to mind is France.

Its language is one of the most important and widely spoken on the planet, its people are unique and its capable of filling hundreds of pages in the world’s history. France’s architectural beauty, museums, gastronomy, culture, traditions and important monuments such as the Arch of Triumph and the Eiffel Tower are widely known by every person on Earth. Without a doubt, they make this country a wonder to our eyes. France is undoubtedly synonymous with elegance and innovation.

One of the cryptocurrencies that today continues to impact different countries around the world is Dash. Now, thanks to the French company Digycode (digital service and national provider of Points of Sale), French people can enjoy all of the benefits that it offers.


Digycode’s origin and specific objectives

Before we start, it’s necessary to briefly talk about the origin and the services that Digycode offers.

Firstly, Digycode is a branch of the parent company Digital Service located in Toulouse, France. It was launched in August 2017, with the idea of ​​providing more cryptocurrencies to all investors, entrepreneurs and users throughout the French territory.

Digycode Digital Service CEO and co-founder Christopher Villegas reports that the Digycode product, previously in the form of prepaid cards, generated revenue of € 1 million ($ 1.1 million) serving more than 20,000 clients in France.

Also, in 2018, it expanded its service offering with the launch of Zebitex, the first euro-crypto exchange in France.

The list of cryptocurrencies that are available on Digycode are Bitcoin Core, Ethereum, Tezos, Litecoin, Ripple, and DASH, while other cryptocurrencies such as, BCH and XMR are scheduled for sale in the near future.

Users who wish to acquire cryptocurrencies with Digycode must create an account through the company’s website and undergo a verification process.

In an interview with Pierre-Guy Bareges, CTO of the digital service, he explained that:

“We strive to democratize access to cryptocurrencies for the general public by making local availability and simplicity at the core of our product. Before Digycode, buying cryptocurrencies for cash was a cumbersome experience, especially if you lived in small towns or cities. rural areas”

Dash benefits for the French people

Dash continues to grow exponentially, its rise is supreme, and the fact that it is already available and accepted in such a prestigious country with a powerful economy like France speaks to the scope it is taking day after day.

Through Digycode, this nation will enjoy a cryptocurrency that has undoubtedly been a success and has brought countless solutions for other countries around the world, such as Venezuela, Chile, Mexico, some countries in Africa such as Nigeria or South Africa, and in the European continent like Spain and Italy.

Currently, Digycode provides and will provide the French with security, stability and reliability with Dash within its electronic currency catalog.

It is made clear that in France, while the availability of all the previously mentioned cryptocurrencies in convenience stores is far from actively promoting adoption, awareness and availability are the first crucial steps towards their consumption by customers.

This will be important to Dash! Because, it will allow it to establish itself within this nation, make its service known, since from its availability within the French people, they will be able to familiarize themselves through practice and consumption with all the positive that this crypto has to offer.

It’s important that different types of training and education could be given for the workers of the establishments where Dash is available. This will allow clarifying and explaining to buyers any doubts they have, mentioning all the different benefits and payment method that Dash has, and demonstrating, once again, that there’s no better option in the digital market for payments than Dash.

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