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The “Stay at Home” order imposed by the Venezuelan government to avoid more infections and the fear of people to contract this virus (Covid-19) has increased the demand for home services. In principle this was an added value of shops, now it is a necessity. The sale of essential items, medicines, medical supplies, prepared food, cell phones were some of the most difficult items to acquire at the beginning of the contingency period in Venezuela. Traders and customers had difficulties in moving this type of products needed for everyday life.

Dash as a crypto currency is full of solutions in Venezuela and the world. Joint efforts of the most important and influential projects such as Dash Help, Dash Mall and Parking, Dash Text and Dash Delivery Service have managed to cover much of the country with training and integration of delivery services.

Piido in Merida

This is the case of Piiddo, a delivery service company that accepts payments in Dash as the exclusive cryptocurrency, thanks to its versatility. Piido offers a wide variety of services, attracting more and more attention from potential Dash users. It caters to customers with mobility difficulties and has become a service that’s accessible on national and international mobile applications.

Thanks to an alliance between Piiddo (a delivery and shopping company), and Dash Mall and Parking (an initiative promoted by Dash within Venezuela), 274 shops (according to data provided by Piiddo) in the region of Merida, Venezuela, will accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment. Piiddo is a platform which features a few payment options, but Dash will be the only digital currency accepted as a method of payment. The multi-national fast food outlet McDonald’s food will be able to be bought and paid for with Dash in the Piiddo Delivery app.

Piiddo are extending their services to other cities. It is working in Barquisimeto and is planning to extend to different cities like Caracas, Maracay, San Cristobal, and Maracaibo.


Delivery with Somos Dingo

Dingo is a delivery company created by young Venezuelans. They started their business in mid-October 2019. This company is in charge of delivering food to homes by the hand of its business partners. Also, it offers its services to look for parcels throughout the capital of Caracas. 400 places in total offer delivery and the only cryptocurrency that is accepted as a form of payment is Dash.

Delivery companies have become essential services during this quarantine. Venezuela and the world have realized that everything must change, and those entrepreneurs who do not will suffer serious consequences.

In Venezuela, the sovereign Bolivar is becoming increasingly scarce and cryptocurrencies have been a solution as a payment option. The use of cryptocurrencies within the daily market continues to grow. As more and more organizations join this trend, this growth will only accelerate.

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