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In every industry, no matter what product or service you offer, there is competition. To build a good reputation it is necessary for a business owner to guarantee quality in products, a strong support system and variety in terms of payment options.

As an example, fast food chains are businesses that will never cease to be in demand. Fast food is a simple way to feed your family in a pinch. Hot dogs, hamburgers, pizzas, and other types of food sold on streets and shopping centers will always be attractive to people when it comes to consuming something simple and easy. There are many fast food chains recognized around the world which have had a strong impact on the global economy for a long time. Without a doubt, speed, quality and efficiency are the adjectives that will always describe fast food worldwide.

Other types of businesses such as pharmacies, clothing, furniture, home supplies and shoe stores are also in constant demand due to their necessity.


Franchises are accepting Dash as payment

The payment-optimized cryptocurrency Dash is always at the forefront in seeking business integration around the world. In Venezuela, Dash has been integrated into major fast food chains, pharmacies, shopping centers among other important outlets. This allows customers of those businesses to enjoy the benefits of the Dash application as a payment method.

Fast food franchises such as McDonald’s, Subway, Papa John’s (the third most important and recognized pizza chain in the world) and others accept Dash in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. These are of course renowned companies which undoubtedly have a great impact on the Venezuelan family and its economy. As these businesses accept Dash, others are bound to follow.

Pharmacies such as Farmarket located in Caracas at the CCCT, C.C. Lido and Santa Paula have also adopted Dash as a payment method, giving users the opportunity to access medicines and any other products that these pharmacies offer.


Small companies around the country have also adapted to this new payment method. Small establishments selling food and other basic necessities like “Emunah Kmoa”, which is located in Cabimas, have begun accepting Dash for their quality products as well. Undoubtedly, entrepreneurs of large and small companies alike are always looking for new ways to sell their respective wares. Giving the client another payment method which offers speed, security and wealth maintenance will undoubtedly generate more interest in what these businesses have to offer.

Cryptobuyer and Mega Soft partnership offers more possibilities

It is important to mention that the Panamanian cryptocurrency payments and exchange operator Cryptobuyer recently announced an alliance with the payment integrator Mega Soft. This partnership allows users in Venezuela to make payments with cryptocurrencies such as Dash in franchises like Farmatodo, Locatel, Burger King, and Traki.

According to information published on its website, companies that are affiliated with the Megasoft’s Merchant Server platform can integrate “Cryptobuyer Pay”. This software enables consumers to buy and use various cryptocurrencies such as DASH in-store.

Dash remains the best choice

Even though other cryptocurrencies are offered, Dash remains the ideal option due to the superior speed, security and optional privacy that it offers. Venezuelans have been using Dash to enjoy the products and services of large chains and small stores that are definitely in constant demand by the people of this country.

Dash not only serves as a solution for merchants and consumers, but in my opinion it is the best tool we have here in Venezuela to regain a stable economy. We’ve proven that it works, now we must take it to the next level.

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