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With the recent enormous rise of mobile phone users with access to internet (estimated about 13.5%) in Africa, and with the robust visiting of search engine like Google, Ask, Yahoo etc, the term Cryptocurrency (a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange per “Wikipedia”) is no longer a hidden and forbidden language in the mouths of Africans. Following the launch of the first decentralized cryptocurrency back in 2009, the world of cryptocurrency has not only been on the rise, but has also been lucrative, with so much great potential and promise. BUT none of these various Decentralized cryptocurrencies can be compared with Dash (Digital Cash) due to its following key features:

Secured environment for business transactions


Dash, being the most secure blockchain-based payment network can of course go a long way in protecting African’s large growing crypto-society from cyber attacks of hackers, scammers, viruses etc. Many African entrepreneurs have in one way or the other experienced unexplained clearing of their cryptocurrency wallet/account in the past, these are common scenarios that occur when transactions are done using a poorly secured cryptocurrency platform. With the intervention of Dash such situations are obliterated and transactions can be carried out peacefully without fear or

Thanks to innovations like Chainlocks, used by Dash to ensure adequate security of Dash cryptocurrency, Dash transactions have an extra layer of security in comparison to its peers. This means that African entrepreneurs who make use of Dash as a means of transaction are impermeable to cyber attacks and can be 100% rest assured of the safety of the cryptocurrency.

Instant sending and receiving


Before the intervention of Dash, transactions which involve sending and receiving of cryptocurrency from from one crypto wallet to another may take forever to be completed, and
sometimes after much wasted time it may still not be completed at the end. This scenario may bring about not only disaster but also lack of trust to any organizations, companies or individuals that was involved in this transaction. With the use Dash as a means of payment, instant confirmations of transactions are archived with the speed of light.

User friendly and easily understandable app

Dash, although highly secured with the latest technology, one may be expecting that the app will be so difficult to understand with much coding just like most other cryptocurrencies but that’s not the case with Dash.

Africa is a continent filled with individuals of different educational backgrounds ranging from the highly educated personnel to the non-educated farmers. Dash is highly optimized so that users of different backgrounds can easily understand and operate and access the app, be it local farmers, petty traders, doctors, professors etc. This barrier to understanding in the past has been one of the cons of many decentralized cryptocurrencies.

Download app using the link:

Most efficient and secure means of saving money

Anyone who had been to Africa will definitely understand what it means to save money in the bank. This have always been a great problem for Africans because not only do the banks end up siphoning money from individuals with various unexplained charges but also even accessing the banking facilities can take a whole day and sometimes one may end up not even being attended to.

Africans have always had to wait a long period of time before making use of the various banking facilities like the ATM machine and even the so-called bank customer service. During this outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic here in 2020, these shortcomings have only intensified. THIS IS WHERE DASH COMES IN! Dash when saved in its desktop or mobile wallet is virtually untampered with, and with the easy comfort that comes with making use of the Dash app, this problem facing Africa will become a thing of the past. Dash can be saved, sent and received anywhere, anytime and that’s what we call CONVENIENCE.

In summary Dash is the cryptocurrency with the most secure platform, and an easily accessible app has come to salvage Africans from the tyranny imposed on them by other cryptocurrencies and other currency agents in this era of wide growing cryptocurrency and even from other forms of currency.

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