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Brazil an exotic country, synonymous with joy, fun and lots of samba, containing people that radiate and fill all their visitors with the best of positive energies. It’s a nation that amazes with its structures, eccentricity, and culture.

Its favelas and how can we forget Christ the Redeemer statue, a world symbol of Peace and hope, make Brazil a unique and incomparable place on the planet.

The country has a pretty diverse economy, but tourism can be said to be a strong income driver due to the constant arrival of foreigners who enjoy the country, its culture, gastronomy and wonderful beaches. It’s a country that you can certainly say has a stable economy.

However, the global economic sector has changed in 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has done a lot of damage in many countries and many of them have taken measures to adapt to customer demand. Digital currencies have come to impact users with all the positives that they offer. As a result of that, the Brazilian platform Bullgain Exchange in alliance with Dash has allowed this cryptocurrency to be enjoyed by everyone in Brazil.

What is the Bullgain Exchange platform?

Created by a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and lovers, Bullgain has an integrated system with the main Brazilian exchanges. The platform offers a direct transfer option, in which registered users can make transfers between partner exchanges without fees, an excellent option for all users.


Application of cryptocurrencies within the Brazilian territory.

As I said before, cryptocurrencies have had a positive impact in many countries around the globe. The solutions that they’ve brought for citizens of different nationalities have been innovative and life-changing. However, in Brazil, there’s a division of opinions about the application of digital currencies for trade. Owners of both small and large companies are showing hesitation to adopt this new way of transacting; since 47% of the population in Brazil still demonstrates a negative opinion of cryptos, either due to lack of knowledge, information or practice.

However, there’s an important part of this population that trusts the use of the different cryptocurrencies that the digital market offers today. And as a result of the pandemic that strikes us nowadays, many businesses have had no choice but to enable the use of them. Many of those who disapproved have started to use the different cryptocurrencies that the market offers, and have discovered their benefits. There’s definitely much growth to be had in Brazil!

Dash as a solution for all users in Brazil

In the poll carried out in the country, it’s reflected that there is still some skepticism on the part of some users who don’t dare to evolve, to take the next step to be at the forefront of everything positive about cryptocurrencies, to know their reliability and security. However, Dash has arrived with the idea of ​​offering all Brazilians a brand of financial freedom that no other cryptocurrencies are able to offer.

Through this alliance, Dash is being sure to make itself known in this powerful market. The range of options that Dash has to offer and its innovative solutions will be available for all Brazilians to enjoy, through applications which are synonymous with speed, safety and quality.

Dash, through the Bullgain Exchange, will provide Brazilians with knowledge that will combat misinformation: They will know the best methods to exchange, store and transact with this cryptocurrency.

In Brazil and as well as the rest of the world, information should be shared that tells the truth about Dash. What it offers us as users and the impact that its use will have on us. May this article serve as a start for all those readers who still have doubts about the use of cryptocurrencies in their lives. I recommend that you read it, and feel fully assured that Dash is without a doubt the best option.

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