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Can you believe that every second about 193,000 text messages are sent worldwide? Well, according to data from the ITU (International Telecommunication Union), in 2011 more than 7 billion messages were sent by people around the world.

Nowadays, a large percentage of the world population owns a phone device and sending text messages continues to be one of the most popular features of mobile phones, regardless of the age of the users. In fact, there are companies that continue betting on the simplicity of sending an SMS, with a specific target audience such as elderly people.

Since the 1990s, telephone companies have incorporated the option of text messaging into the devices that previously only had the option to call. In the 21st century, smartphones are starting to dominate the market due to the diverse and numerous technological advances that have been achieved. In turn, the evolution of the messaging service has evolved as well, with applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and Telegram, among others.

Based on these statistics, Dash as an innovative cryptocurrency adopted text messaging, creating a new service called: Dash Text! It’s proven to be a useful initiative for regular users and also creates an opportunity for people to join in the Dash community.

In an interview, Lorenzo Rey (co-founder and CTO of Dash Text) said:

“I saw how many people wanted to use Dash but, they couldn’t, because of a bad signal or bad cell phones, but the idea came from a similar service in Venezuela that uses SMS. for payments in Bolivars. I started to see if there was already something similar in the cryptocurrency sector and I found Cointext. I tried to contact them but I got no response, so I decided to develop it on my own.”

How can people use this service?

Dash came up with an intelligent strategy with Dash Text because it allows to any user be able to put this method into practice. It only requires having a phone that must have the SMS sending service currently active.

Through this option, Dash doesn’t put barriers or limits, allowing anyone to enjoy it. There are other cryptocurrencies that limit its use to smartphones and state-of-the-art technology, but with Dash Text, you must only have a phone with the option to send a message and you will be able to enjoy all kinds of products and services.

Service activation

The user must send a message with the word “START” using the code and number of the country where it is located. Then, a code will arrive with a combination of letters and numbers identifying their “Dash address”, which allows the user to create the wallet in the easiest way.

Dash Text doesn’t ask for any type of personal information (KYC), in fact only a telephone number is required. This is an important thing to mention because requiring more information may generate certain doubts on the part of the user. Also, an internet connection isn’t necessary to access to this service. This is undoubtedly a great advantage compared to other payment methods where internet connection is mandatory and in many countries mobile data is quite reserved and limited.

Lorenzo Rey, CEO of Dash Text


After your Dash Text SMS wallet is created, the options offered by this wonderful alternative are many. Buying goods and services becomes possible, as well as money transfers, promotions, and countless tools that allow the user to manage their finances with total confidence.

Dash Text has become in an effective solution for users in different countries, such as U.S.A, Colombia, Spain and Brazil. It’s particularly effective in Venezuela, allowing Venezuelans to enjoy greater fluidity and speed when they make any kind of money transactions, payments and shipments. Even though only 40% of the Venezuelan population owns smartphones or has access to quality mobile data, this limitation hasn’t been an impediment for Dash Text service to work with total regularity.

Future Plans

In 2019, Spain was the last country to join this wonderful service. This news was important to Venezuela because they share with Spain economic ties and immigration, creating a key corridor for remittances.

Not only did Dash Text expand SMS support to Spain, it also promoted its integration into the Telegram messaging application by adding Canada, Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and almost all countries in South and North America. Brazil was a notable exception, but Dash Text plans to add it as well soon. Also, on the roadmap for the near future is to create a beachhead in Africa, with support in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa, and an expansion into Europe with the forthcoming opening of services in Germany.

Finally, Dash Text has made recent alliances with the Cryptobuyer exchange. This allows for payments with Piiddo (a delivery company in Merida) and a delivery service in Caracas called Dingo. You can buy many goods and services through these companies.

Dash Text is here to stay. Consider this article as an invitation to all those readers who want an easy tool to manage their transactions and stay up with the latest innovations that only a cryptocurrency like Dash can offer.

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