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Dash launched a partnership between the digital currency and analytics company IntoTheBlock in the second quarter of 2020. This is a partnership which sees the analytical company provide detailed market insights to the nature and behavior of Dash in the trading ecosystem.

What is IntoTheBlock?

It is is a company of data scientists, cryptocurrency experts and AI intellectuals that provide up-to-date and exact information relating to the digital currency ecosystem. They leverage the power of machines to generate data which helps them provide new insights about the cryptocurrency asset class. They combine machine and human algorithms to provide the best information about the performance of different digital currencies, with Dash now added to the growing list.

Consequently, an IntoTheBlock widget has been added to the official Dash website for use by the Dash community; however for more detailed metrics, users are required to create an account on

Giving a take on the partnership, Ryan Taylor, CEO of Dash Core Group, said:

“Analytical insights are critical to the success of the Dash network. IntoTheBlock tools and educational efforts will help provide professionals such as potential partners and professional/institutional investors with information on opportunities with Dash. IntoTheBlock will also help teams focused on Dash’s adoption gain better understanding of how the network is used and where growth is happening”.

This partnership would go a long way in improving the adoption rates of Dash in different regions of the globe, by equipping groups that push for the adoption of Dash with the right analytical tools and data sources to make informed decisions on steps to make to achieve their respective goals peculiar to their own unique ecosystem. This point was reiterated by the CEO of IntoTheBlock; Jesus Rodriguez when he made the following statement:


“Dash is one of the most important projects in the crypto space and one that regularly delivers tangible value in real world use cases. Since its inception, IntoTheBlock has provided a rich set of market intelligence analytics for Dash. With this partnership, we expand that value proposition to deliver new insights about the adoption, usability and growth trends of Dash. We expect these new analytics will bring value to Dash’s investor, user and developer communities and we are looking forward to expanding our collaboration with Dash”.

In addition to these analytics, IntoTheBlock has created a customized platform for use by the Dash Core Group, which would enable them to process data about the market behaviors of Dash users.

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