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Dubai is a perfect city for many of us, because it has a stable and solid economy that has served as an example for others. Dubai has a small population, but they live in excellent and unbeatable conditions.


Dubai also has last generation architecture, buildings and skyscrapers, it has beautiful sites that are unique in the world and tourists enjoy them when they visit.

Also, it offers illuminated nights that are a caress for the eyes of humanity. Finally, this city has the honor of having the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa, an amazing structure that stands out among all the buildings located in the city.

Dubai is full of wealth, luxury, tradition and beauty and it offers a life longed for by many.

Dash is available in Dubai thanks to

A new alliance has arrived! Dash as one of the most active cryptocurrency in recent times, has recently become part of the payment methods accepted by Mestiza Collections. This is a prestigious jewelry store located in Dubai that distributes gold jewelry and gemstones from Kuwait to Qatar at an accessible price for all its customers. It’s one of the most famous in the local market due its quality in materials and services.

Dash joins the list of cryptocurrencies that are accepted as a payment method for this jewelry, the others are Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This alliance was made thanks to the CEO and founder of the Unifinity platform Verónica Andrino. This platform is located in the Philippines.

Dash is expanding its services to the Middle East

Thanks to this alliance, Dash will be able to make itself known in a market, which is undoubtedly powerful worldwide, and the citizens of Dubai will be able to experience the usage of the best cryptocurrency for payments available today within the market.

Dash offers different services and innovations will undoubtedly be up to expectation of a city like Dubai, which is at the forefront of the latest aspects of technology.

It should be noted that the users of Dubai are used to quality and efficiency as a way of life, therefore, with Dash they will find a cryptocurrency that adapts to their expectations and demands.

Dash has become a payment method for the enjoyment of many services at a global level, a solution for a new generation, and entering this market takes it one step further and undoubtedly makes it a world-class cryptocurrency.

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