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Latin America obtains new benefits within the world of the digital economy, good news that are positive for our continent come in form of alliances and Brazil and Dash are the main protagonists.

This article will explain how citizens in Brazil will enjoy a new benefit, thanks to a recent alliance between Dash and RAS Bank, which has added Dash to all banking services within the country, bringing joy to all users Brazilians.

RAS Bank in Brazil: an effective exchange channel

RAS bank is a digital bank located in Brazil, this allows users in Brazil to manage their accounts both in reais (National currency of Brazil), or also in 4 different cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, USDT, RAS-stablecoin (it should be noted that this is a cryptocurrency pegged to the Brazilian real) and of course Dash.

This digital bank offers many features that make it one of the main options within users in this country, for example it offers within the digital account to send and receive TED, recharge their cell phones, store and convert cryptocurrencies, it also offers the customer. A RAS card that allows them to make payment with cryptocurrencies, even if the merchant does not accept payment with cryptocurrency, to this bank allows them to make a conversion to reais and carry out their transaction.

Important statements were said by RAS Bank CEO Jaime Nascimento:

“Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. At RAS Bank we believe that our ecosystem solution providing a bank-hosted crypto wallet along with a stable and commercial solution is the foundation of the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies for the traditional market”!

Without a doubt, Dash achieved an incredible alliance by being able to enter the cryptocurrency catalog for purchase and sale and transactions by Brazilians, Dash will be a fundamental part of their day to day since from this alliance, users will be able to open accounts , deposit and withdraw Dash.

Also, RAS bank clients will be able to make payments for public services using Dash as a payment method, this is undoubtedly the best option taking into account all the benefits and advantages that Dash offers to all users.

A new alliance for Dash in the Latin American continent

Dash continues growing, making leaps and bounds in order to become in super power in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Dash Core Group Business Development Manager Omar Hamwi stated:

“This is an important integration from Dash’s perspective for healthy growth in Brazil and Latin America. From supporting unbanked populations in the region to enabling more banking functions for the Dash Network, this integration provides multiple services to the Brazilian user of Dash “

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