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Dash Queen is a monthly beauty contest created for empowering women.
With no age limit over 18, and women from all over the world, this contest shows the beauty that is in women who find solutions using this cryptocurrency.

What is interesting is that you can get more people knowing about Dash by voting/ Dash tipping for any contestant that you might want to support. As long as people get to know and participate, they become a part of the ecosystem while learning about Dash usage and find out their assets. Which is perfect!

An interesting Dash use case

In countries like Venezuela, dealing with economic hyperinflation and service failures in most cities Dash has become the real solution, as a decentralized model of exchange between countries, common people, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and more.

Participating in Dash Queen is very easy, you just need to have a Dash wallet downloaded on your phone, and also download the Dash Queen app that can currently only be found on Android systems.

To register:

  • Submit a profile only if you are over 18 to assure you own your pictures.
  • Go to your Dash wallet and click on receive so that the code will
    display, press on it to copy, and go back to your Dash Queen app.
  • Paste your Dash wallet address code then adds the QR code that
    appears on your Dash wallet address to your picture and completes
    your information.

After this, you will get a welcome message by the team once they verify your data and publish it. That’s it!

Opportunity to earn quite a bit of Dash

The dynamic of this is that every month there will be one contestant to be
the first with most votes. If you’re the winner, you´ll be the image of that month on a Dash Calendar, which will be sold worldwide later on.
All the profit made on this calendar will be distributed on each winner of the year. Dash Queen has no intermediary between the voters and contestants, so they receive tips immediately from voters worldwide.

A Dash Queen contest submission by Claudia Cerrada

In Venezuela, is within our cells to get excited to participate or support women in beauty contests, so it’s not surprising that the first contestants
that applied are Venezuelan. In this case, Claudia Cerrada
(@claudiavalentina) which is one of the contestants spoke about her
experience with Dash Queen. She said:

“Is so easy to participate, I took my picture with a sign written “Dash Queen” to give it a try and was amazed by seeing how my votes started to increase from day one so I was able to use my DASH tips very fast and loved to spend them on something I wanted at It was like being gifted by this nice community”.

Also, she spoke about what motivates her:

“If I get to win I can represent Dash in many ways so that makes me happy.”

A makeup set bought with Dash earned from the Dash Queen voters

A Dash economy is developing in Venezuela

It is important to mention that is part of around 274
businesses on the Piido app that adopted Dash as an alternative to receive/send payments and avoid all the difficulties that Venezuelans go through. Its owners and employees had been trained and supported by
the Dash Mall and Parking team within 2020.

This shows the effectiveness of this altcoin to assure financial transactions and the massive work this team has put into practice. But it also proves there is still much more to come. The simple experience of @claudiavalentina being able to earn Dash on Dash Queen and spend them at conquers a perfect Dash cycle.  And we know there is plenty of female talent supporting Dash, so there is much more intelligence and grace for DASH to come!

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