By Published On: June 28th, 2020Categories: Cash Alternative TV, CATV LIVE!Comments Off on Wirecard Aftermath, Buy Your Crypto on PayPal?, Dash Integration Bonanza…and more! | CATV LIVE

As I predicted last week, the Wirecard insolvency fiasco dominoes are starting to fall, affecting debit cards. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, as PayPal is reportedly going to offer digital currency buying and selling. The Dash ecosystem is growing by leaps and bounds lately, offering more choices to buy, store, and spend the best digital cash. All this and way more on this weekend’s CATV LIVE.


Crypto card trading game

Buy US stocks with Uphold

60% of BTC held long term (digital gold)

Bitcoin.exit documentary

How fast is Bitcoin really growing?

New York’s BitLicense softening?

PayPal/Venmo to support buying-selling cryptocurrency

Venezuela accepted Bitcoin for passport fees

Wirecard CEO arrested, Crypto[dot]com OK

VISA, Mastercard considering cutting Wirecard ties

FCA shuts down Wirecard subsidiary

Buy Bitcoin at Australian post offices


DashPay Wallet Username Demo Video (from last week)

Why Dash’s username demo is game-changing

An early Dash Platform dApp

Dash and Liquid exchange announce partnership

Deposit to win Dash on Liquid

New DASH/USDT pair on Bitbns

New DASH/PESO pair on BloomX Philippines

Amanda talks with Veronica Andrino, Filipina Dasher

Dash added to Binance customizeable locked savings

Buying Dash now possible on Crypto Compare

Dash Queen on Google Play

How Dash Queen works

What investors are missing (Part 2: The treasury)

30% off with Dash on Gigalayer

Deploy a Dash node on ThreeFold in 5 steps

Tao Of Satoshi on

How do Dash Futures work?

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