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Dash Core Group recently did a live presentation about Dash’s economics and functionality, where they offered a proposal to solve issues. I look at crypto news from Japan, Canada, and Venezuela, and get to the bottom of why Anypay is in an on-again/off-again relationship with Bitcoin. All that and much more on this weekend’s CATV LIVE!


Blockchain and decentralization

Anypay reveals why BTC is not an attractive payment option

Crypto could save millennials from the economy that failed them

Why pay taxes?

Nice Op/Ed by Bradley Zastrow “Hammer In Search of a Nail”

Japan’s cryptocurrency regulation updates

Crypto firms recognized as money service businesses in Canada

Wells Fargo eliminates access to Zelle

Bitcoin releases new more secure version

Dash not affected by Erebus attack


How Dash is dominating Nigeria

This week at Dash Core Group

ALT 5 Sigma launches ALT 5 Pay, a cryptocurrency to fiat payment gateway

Dash winning transaction speed contests

Whitebit contest finished

DIF election has commenced

Stronghold Dash wallet updates

Dash Mall and Parking partners with Piido

Interview with Ryan Taylor on SoundCloud

Amanda B Johnson talks with Vaultoro

Dashpay and Dash Platform infographic

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