By Published On: July 21st, 2020Categories: Cash Alternative TV, CATV LIVE!Comments Off on Crypto Scammers Hack Twitter, TikTok DOGE Pump, Dash Core Group on Fire…and more! | CATV LIVE

Twitter was hacked by crypto scammers, turning important accounts into devious Bitcoiners. A pump group orginating on the social media app TikTok tried to pump Dogecoin to $1 USD. The Dash Core group has had quite a busy week, resulting in lots of news around Dash Nation. All of these news items and much more on this weekend’s CATV LIVE!


What the Coinbase IPO means for Defi and crypto

Russian court claims theft of 100 BTC not a crime because BTC is not property

The Attempt To Pump Dogecoin ( DOGE ) To $1 On TikTok Has Lived A Short Life–DOGE–To-1

Minds are changing about Ethereum. Opportunity for others to do better?

New and improved

PayPal reveals it’s developing blockchain capabilities

Texas man allegedly used 1M in COVID relief funds to buy crypto

Major Twitter accounts hacked by crypto scammers

Twitter – What happened?

Twitter hack highlights the need for better security on social media platforms

Two Onecoin promoters found dead in Mexico


Dash on the turntables by MC Private Keyz

Got a talent for writing and a passion for Dash? We need you.

Earn Dash for contributing to Dash Nation on Discord

What Dash Core group has been up to

Dash available for purchase on Digifinex

Dash Talk with Ryan Taylor (Dash economics)

DCG Q2 quarterly call announced

Brand new look for the Dash Forum

Dash Investment Foundation election winners

New Dash Electrum released

Dash mining information expanded

Be In Crypto Español recognizes Dash as the most secure blockchain

How to live off crypto part 4 with Joel Valenzuela

Dash increases its presence in China

A Travala-Expedia partnership means big things for Dash

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