By Published On: July 5th, 2020Categories: Cash Alternative TV, CATV LIVE!Comments Off on BTC Lightning Exploit?, LocalCryptos Adds Dash, Discord Scammer Doxxed…and more! | CATV LIVE

It seems as though the Bitcoin Lightning network’s security is not yet up to snuff, with an exploit discovered that could lead to loss of user’s funds. LocalCryptos adds Dash, and offers a ringing endorsement of its technology. A prolific Discord scammer posing as a good guy gets doxxed by some meticulous investigators. All this and much more on this Independence Day episode of CATV.


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Zimbabwe bans mobile money

What the collapse of Wirecard means for crypto

Why your favourite cryptocurrency’s features won’t matter soon

Bitcoin Lightning network attack

Discord scammer doxxed and caught

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FIO website

Bitcoin, crypto of the poor. Myth or reality?


Decentralized payment systems vs Visa/MC

How to pay with Dash in Pie de Monte shopping center

Dash will be added to LocalCryptos

What goes into adding another crypto to LocalCryptos

CryptoRefills offers 30% more rewards points paying in Dash

Dash available for use at 2,500 Austrian merchants

Living fiat free with Joel Valenzuela (5:00)

How to Live on Crypto with Joel Valenzuela

DIF election on now

Matt Meek three-part op-ed series

What investors are missing (Chicken & egg problem) Earn up to 12.5%

Dash back through purchases at eGifter

Buying Dash on SimpleSwap

Is Bitcoin still the most reliable cryptocurrency?

Dash Text Venezuela switches to USD

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