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After upgrading the audio settings last week, CATV LIVE returns this week with brand new visuals. Tether (through Bitfinex) is apparently missing 850M dollars of users funds, and is going to stand trial. Coindesk releases their top 20 ranking, but how did they arrive at their conclusions? If you are personable, and like chatting with like-minded individuals, there may be some crypto-making opportunities coming up on Dash Nation on Discord. All this and more on this weekend’s CATV LIVE!


DIY crypto ticker

Flote App secures seed funding for next stage of growth

Low Bitcoin volatility will resolve via lower prices

VISA hiring Ethereum dev for distributed application

New partnership allows travellers to book with BTC on Expedia

Rob Viglione on decentralized sidechains

Monero mining philosophy wars

The Coindesk 20: Assets that matter most in crypto

Australian comedian buys BTC at 10,000 just for fun

Tether/Bitfinex to stand trial over 850 million of users funds

Coinbase preparing to go public as early as this year

Crypto YouTubers be like

Next killer crypto app: decentralized monetized organizing


Making Dash Nation on Discord great again

Dash now open for margin trading on HitBTC

Dash gets top billing on a Venezuelan banana stand

Fiat leaks adds altcoins (Dash)

Institutional platform LGO to provide OTC liquidity to the Dash network

Dash becoming reliable thanks to LLMQs

Meet the Dash help team

Book review: Digital is the cash

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