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It is with great pleasure that the team at Dash Nation introduces a new livestream on Cash Alternative TV. This new show will be called “Tao & Amanda LIVE!”. It will debut on Wednesday, November 20th, at 5:00PM UTC. It will be a crypto agnostic show, discussing all aspects of Bitcoin, altcoins, and Dash.

This new show was the result of a lot of persistence on the part of Cash Alternative TV host Christopher Carruthers, and the desire of Amanda B. Johnson to contribute to growing the Dash community in a meaningful way.

A lot of digital currency enthusiasts are happy about this development, some attributing their interest in cryptocurrency and Dash solely to the teachings of Amanda.

Tao & Amanda LIVE! livestreaming Wednesday, November 20th, at 5PM UTC.

Amanda B. Johnson got into cryptocurrency through Bitcoin in 2013. She was inspired to detach from the legacy financial system and become unbanked. To support herself, she took a job as a writer for Bitcoin Magazine. She then began a YouTube show called “The Daily Decrypt”. This show examined crypto project and interviewed members of the industry. Through this show, she began to become enamoured with Dash and its possibilities. She then applied to the Dash treasury to produce a Dash-centric YouTube called “Dash Detailed”. After a successful run at this show, he remained in the Dash community in various capacities. At present, she is a Dash Investment Fund supervisor.

Christopher Carruthers (Tao Of Satoshi) is a casino table games supervisor who also fell in love with digital currency in 2013 after researching VPNs to watch American Netflix in Canada. After researching Dash in a bid to diversify, he cashed out all of his BTC to buy Dash. He’s since become a prominent community figure in Dash, founding the “Dash Nation” movement and philosophy that anyone in Dash can contribute their skills to help the project succeed. Recently Tao took it upon himself to research Dash’s launch in-depth and disprove some commonly-held beliefs.

The chemistry between Amanda & Tao is great based on offline interactions in preparation for the premiere. We hope you will enjoy the show! Future plans with the success of “Tao & Amanda LIVE!” include ensuring an increased presence of Dash in the digital currency space, attending/reporting at conferences and meetups, and influencing the industry in a positive way.

The new show will then air every Wednesday at 5PM UTC. Don’t miss it! Please also feel free to comment and suggest topics or potential guests. Bookmark Dash Nation for reposts of episodes.

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