By Published On: July 16th, 2020Categories: OpportunitiesComments Off on Like being social? Chat about Dash on Discord. You could earn Dash for doing what you love!

The goal of Dash Nation is to build a thriving ecosystem around the digital currency Dash. People need positive outlets to push each other, help each other, offer ideas and criticisms, and build bonds with one another.

Dash Nation on Discord is such an outlet. It is a hub of Dash Nation conversation, communication and collaboration. As such, we would love for it to be rocking and rolling 24/7. Such an environment would be pleasing to newcomers and old Dashers alike, because the teaching and learning opportunities will multiply with internal conversations and attraction of newcomers that would inevitably happen.

The bear market has been hard on all cryptocurrencies, so the Discord isn’t quite the lively place it once was. This is fixable, however. We just need to kick-start the process, bring that spark that ignites the flame and keeps the conversation going around Dash and all of its wonderful aspects. There’s plenty to talk about!

That brings us to the focus of this article, which is Dash Nation’s newest incentive offering. We’re calling it “Dash Nation on Discord Elite Contributor”.

Here are the details.

What we are looking for:
Individuals who like to be social online and want to teach OR learn about Dash. Those who like to chat online and be social with others who share a passion for Dash.

What we are NOT looking for:
Individuals who like to spam low-value comments or greetings, these people don’t have a prayer to be rewarded, and will likely be banned.

What we will do:
The administration team is watching. You join Dash Nation on Discord and begin contributing to the conversation and atmosphere there in a meaningful way. After doing this on a consistent basis you will be rewarded with an “Elite Contributor” badge and the recognition that comes with it. But that’s not all, the “Elite Contributor” badge comes with other perks: Access to a private contributor section where you can chat with other contributors and participate in Dash rain storms where you will earn some thank you Dash at random times. Keep contributing, keep receiving rain!

What this will accomplish:
This is like trying to start a lawnmower engine. It starts with a sputter, and wants to die again. Then we give it another pull, and under protest it roars into life. That’s what this is. At the beginning it will likely only be contributors talking with one another. Over time, though, others will join organically who don’t even know about the badge. A thriving communication center will be built.

This is what Dash Nation aims to do for all of our communication and social media platforms. We want to be a step above the others. We will be a step above the others. We need your help to start. See you soon.

About the Author: Christopher Carruthers

I'm a long time Dash community member and Dash Nation Founder. I'm also the host of Cash Alternative TV. Thanks for visiting Dash Nation!

Dash Nation is always on the lookout for talented writers for news and blogs. If you wouldn’t mind sharing your talents with the movement towards financial freedom through Dash, please contact the team at

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