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A question often asked in cryptocurrency, what will the future bring? Is it doom at the hands of regulators and general lack of interest from the market, or is it massive adoption due to its high value? Whatever the answer is, once thing for sure is that few cryptocurrencies have a true vision for the future and the ability to survive for years to come with bright future prospects. Dash has been around for multiple years now, and ever since inception has been advancing towards its goals as well as creating more goals for the future of the cryptocurrency and the entire Dash platform.

The immediate future of Dash

Dash has already shown great advances recently, from FastPass (which I have talked about in my previous article) to increased real world usage in countries like Nigeria and Venezuela. The Dash community is a very large and hard-working one, as such it has various communities supporting Dash (just like Dash Nation). These communities help spread knowledge and understanding about cryptocurrencies in general and Dash more specifically. Additionally, as fees on other popular coins such as BTC and ETH continue to rise, the low fees of Dash and the fast transaction speeds will naturally attract users to the platform. After all, no one wants to pay $10 in fees and wait 30 minutes for confirmations. This marks Dash as a very important cornerstone of the cryptocurrency space that is used by a lot of people.

The future of Dash

Dash long term – what are the plans?

Of course, it can not be stated enough how much long-term planning and goals are, and even more so in a space that moves very fast. In this regard, Dash is doing an excellent job at planning for the future. With the continued release of additional features and improvements in Dash core and the codebase for the project, Dash has seen a large number of technical updates and improvements that are still rolling out at a good pace. On the other hand, outside of technical advancements, Dash’s community has grown exponentially, finding millions of users globally who use it to trade, purchase items, or simply send money around. The adaptability and versatility of Dash make it an excellent choice for people looking to do practically anything on the blockchain.

As such, Dash has proved itself as one of the major projects in the cryptocurrency space. And as it continues to develop it will only cement itself more and reach a wider user-base due to it’s continued technical advancements as well as the various partnerships it benefits from with large exchanges, charities and much more.


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