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Editor’s note: This is a well-received post on the Dashpay subreddit that we are sharing here as part of our efforts to bring you the pulse of Dash Nation from all of our forums. It was posted by Matt Meek, former business development team member.


I wanted to start this with some background. I have been involved with Dash since 2014 and have even worked beside Daniel Diaz back in the day doing Business Development for DCG before it was DCG. Due to this background I have the unique privilege of seeing Dash from within DCG and from outside of DCG.

Before I was working inside of DCG it was really hard to know what was happening, even as an active community member. I would often wonder if much was going on at all. Once I stepped inside it was a completely different world. We had constant meetings with Business Partners, VCs and just regular team meetings. I was blown away by what was going on inside. Whilst working there I realised the community needed to know some of this stuff, so I would try my best to share what I could with them, create buzz around upcoming partnerships and explain that we were on top of certain tasks when the community would approach us.

In 2017 I stepped away from DCG and all of a sudden I was in a black hole and it was then that I remembered how little the community really know. It was not very inspiring and since stepping away I have been in the dark as much as anyone else in the community is. From DCGs perspective they are hard at work with product, biz development etc. They are great at what they do and I see why they just chuck their heads down and plough on but at some point it gets hard for the community to keep motivated when they see/hear nothing apart from a quarterly call.


So here’s some constructive criticism from my perspective as both a community member and ex DCG member.

DCG needs to do a heck of a lot more to engage the community. They need all departments sharing insights into what they are doing, what they are seeing, what they are excited about etc. They need to remember that gaining new ground is great but you need to retain your community whilst doing so. An active and excited community actually makes their job easier as it opens up Biz Dev opportunities, brings in developers for Dash Platform and brings in investors that can help increase the price of Dash and give us a bigger treasury system.

The community needs to realise also that DCG are hard at work and doing great things, I have seen it. You would be blown away if you stepped within that organisation for a day. It’s super exciting and inspiring to work within. That’s why there are volunteers still working within there and people taking drastically less pay than they could on the open market just to work inside there.

So please DCG, leak some of that excitement that you experience working within DCG out to the community. Include them in every way that you can. Share what you can over twitter, reddit etc so that people can use social media channels to push out the information into the wider crypto community and help you.

That’s all from me, I hope this gives the community and DCG some insight into what is experienced from both DCG’s and the communities perspective and I hope DCG makes some changes.

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