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Venezuela continues with its economic evolution, as users in the country look for solutions for their entrepreneurship and economic growth. This will allow them an optimal development and a better quality of life, undoubtedly key aspects for an economically stable present and future.

A new option to acquire Cryptocurrencies in Venezuela

A new way to acquire cryptocurrencies in Venezuela has arrived, the government of the Latin American country has enabled a new p2p exchange platform, not only to acquire and buy the “Petro”, official cryptocurrency in Venezuela, but other decentralized cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Bitcoin and Dash among others that have a strong impact on the global economy.

Venezuela Exchange “Vex” is the new platform enabled by the Venezuelan government for our nation, which is excellent news for all those who are undertaking this wonderful path of digital currency.

This news was reported through a statement made by the National Superintendency of Crypto and Related Activities in Venezuela, “Sunacrip”. According to the statement, the new exchange house will be accessible through the PetroApp wallet application.

Venezuela continues to try to be at the forefront and follow, step by step, the advances offered by the application of digital money, which continues to attract the attention of everyone in the world of the economy due to its easy application in our day to day.

Advantages of the Vex platform for users in Venezuela

This platform will provide many benefits for all those who put into practice, such as the enabling of the integral registry of the cryptoactive service (Risec), a solution by the government to digitally store all the information of the users within the country’s oil ecosystem.

It will also contain a “petro calculator”, this will facilitate converting crypto-crypto, crypto-fiat and fiat-crypto values, it will also offer a link to the homeland remittances platform for sending and receiving remittances in cryptocurrencies.

Finally, the incorporation of a real-time price tickers of the main cryptocurrencies in the market is announced by the statement.

A new method to get Dash

The impact of Dash in Venezuela is undeniable, the adoption that this cryptocurrency has had by users in the Latin American country has meant excellent news, it has allowed to know the best payment method, it has allowed to enjoy many quality services, paying with a speed that only Dash can offer, and now through this platform, without a doubt, Venezuelan people will be able to continue commercializing Dash within their economic development.

Dash is undoubtedly an excellent way to obtain benefits through the use of a cryptocurrency that is synonymous with good news for anyone who puts it into practice, and Vex will certainly allow us to continue enjoying Dash and its many advantages.

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