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Uruguay is a small Latin American country whose main characteristics are to possess an exceptional human quality, to be great people, and to offer hospitality to all its tourists who are going to visit that country every year.

A couple of days ago, the Panda BTM platform which is a product of the Colombian solutions company PANDA, recently announced that it has expanded its messaging bot and web application services to Uruguay, as part of its desire to drive the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies in Latin America.

Uruguay joins a list of very important countries such as Venezuela, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Chile which have enjoyed this excellent platform, where users can access the purchase and sale of cryptocurrencies and be able to enjoy the benefits that brings digital money today with a lower cost than traditional platforms.

Who are they at Panda BTM?

They are an exchange platform for digital assets, with the main objective of facilitating access to this technology in different markets of the continent and the world.

This exchange offers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, the DAI token, and Dash, as a result of this association in Uruguay, its people will be able to enjoy accessing these cryptocurrencies.

Currently, Uruguay is not an active country with digital money and cryptocurrencies, so this announcement is undoubtedly an incentive for their adoption. Citizens in Uruguay will be able to start adding new methods of payments within that country using cryptocurrencies.

Panda BTM announcements for Uruguay

Panda BTM indicated that both services now have support for the Uruguayan peso (UYU), so that Uruguayans will be able to buy the previously mentioned cryptocurrencies, with their local currency.

Furthermore, they added that cryptographic assets can be acquired through the Red Pagos platform, making use of its animated WebApp and its messaging bot; the latter is currently only available on Telegram and WhatsApp.

Another territory for Dash

Dash continues to expand its course, continues to position itself as the leading cryptocurrency for payments in the digital market, and now reaches a market with new users, who will begin to enjoy a cryptocurrency that offers countless positive aspects.

Dash continues to add territories to its particular list of users, and the Uruguayans now have new alternatives to access funds with cryptocurrencies directly with their national currency. They will be able to start acquiring and selling Dash thus knowing the best cryptocurrency on the market.

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