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The organization working behind the scenes to improve Dash (the Dash Core Group), continues its usual tradition of releasing updates with new functionalities every six weeks with the release of v0.15 on Evonet! Under this schedule, v0.16 of Dash Platform is expected at the start of this year’s 4th quarter (between Oct. 6th and Oct. 20). In order to prepare for this latest update, it was necessary to wipe the entire Evonet blockchain and start fresh with the new parameters. As such, decentralized application developers had to back up and remove their data from the network and will reinstate it after the update.

In a statement issued by the company concerning this process, DCG stated that “while the approach is fine for early testing, it is not appropriate for testnet and mainnet. To handle different versions of data, nodes, and clients all working in coordination, Dash Core Group developers introduced versioning that allows for the smooth roll-out of breaking changes without affecting user experience”.

What does this mean?

First of all, I will endeavor to break down the geek jargon to understandable terms. Testnet is an environment that is used by cryptocurrency programmers and developers to test run their programs or applications or coding in a safe space without the use of real cryptocurrencies. This is used by most alternate currencies to develop extra layers to add extra features to a particular digital currency to increase its appeal to users. After all the tests are completed on testnet and algorithms run without glitches or bugs, such layer of code can then be moved into mainnet where it features is incorporated as part of the particular digital currency it was built for.

This update means that Dash is one step closer to releasing a Dash Platform (code-named Evolution) on testnet. Evolution is another layer of the Dash network that allows third-party developers to build their own applications on the decentralized Dash blockchain. Dash Platform will enable developers to create Dash apps and data contracts for use on the Dash blockchain. It will make the Dash experience as easy as PayPal or Venmo. These projects, as they’re built on the DASH blockchain, the will also inherit the maiden features of Dash such as InstantSend, almost zero fees, anti 51% attacks and so much more.

dash platform

Dash Platform confirmed features and wants

Hopefully by the end of 2020, Evolution will be on testnet, and it’s expected to be launched on mainnet early next year. We will now discuss about the positive effects that the Evolution project would have on the performance of Dash in diverse economic climates, both with actual and possible features (* denotes possible future features, not in the immediate scope):

  • DASH APPS: the Evolution framework will allow developers build different apps that operate on the Dash blockchain. The positive possibilities of this is limitless, as one can envisage a future where audit apps, company apps, shopping apps etc. are built to work for businesses that depend on Dash as the sole mode of transactions.
  • DECENTRALIZED API: This allows all dApps running on the Dash Platform to be able to be accessed from anywhere on any device. Ease of use is a benefit here as well, as a single username and password will be sufficient to access the whole stable of dApps.
  • DASH PLATFORM NAME SERVICE: This will allow for the storage of human-readable usernames and identities. This means the organization of data will be held in a decentralized way, aiding the development of decentralized applications with 100% uptime.
  • *SMART CONTRACTS: Although not within the scope of Evolution thus far, the possibility of the development of smart contracts is an exciting proposition. This would increase the reach of Dash by utilizing people to people networking, encourage increased influx to the Dash blockchain and thereby effectively increasing its overall market capitalization. We have to wait and see how it all pans out but nonetheless it is an exciting prospect.
  • *TOKENS: With tokens, gamers and gaming platforms could develop them as gaming rewards, based on the Dash blockchain. The Dash developers have not ruled out the possibility of being able to create tokens on Dash Platform in the future. Future partnerships with gaming engines like Frostbite would be huge for Dash, and it’s something we Dash enthusiasts can now dream of because of the Evolution framework.

In all, this new initiative by the Dash Core Group is going to revolutionize Dash in the near future.

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