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ATMs have always been a solution to withdraw cash from customer accounts, and there are countries around the world that have advanced technology that allows this service to be one of the most used by people from each country.

However, technology, the economy and services have evolved. The money that was previously used in coins or paper has changed into becoming digital money, these being known to all as cryptocurrencies.

Differences between a conventional ATM and cryptocurrency ATMs

The conventional ATM is used by taking a debit or credit card and putting it in the machine to obtain the money. Once the ATM disburses your cash, the transaction is completed.

However this doesn’t happen with crypto ATMs. Their operability is completely different, since instead of using debit or credit cards, they work by depositing cash and providing a wallet address to receive the acquired cryptocurrencies. That is to say, the crypto ATMs connect users to a cryptocurrency exchange that allows them to place a buy or sell order.

Undoubtedly, the difference is remarkable, furthermore, for many countries this means an advantage, because today, there is little production of materials for the manufacture of cards that allow the consumption of this service within each country.

Cryptocurrency ATM’s in the world

Currently, There are more than 7,000 thousand ATMs in the world, a number that continues to grow unstoppably as they are manufactured, the country with the most ATMs in operation is the United States, with a total of 5,184 machines, followed by Canada with 754 machines, and the UK is third with 302 machines.

Dash and crytptocurrency ATMs

Dash is a cryptocurrency that is firmly positioning itself within the digital market, and is one of the leading cryptocurrencies in the preferences of users around the planet. That said, it is important to emphasize that Dash can be acquired through different exchange platforms, but also it can be purchased through ATMs.

Countries such as Spain, the US, Nigeria, Mexico, Thailand, among others, have been pioneers in the world, by facilitating the accessibility of Dash to users in those countries, allowing them its purchase or sale, these countries through various alliances for the use of Dash in their nation, have been able to know all the services that it has to offer.

There are no excuses, it doesn’t matter if it is through exchange platforms or ATMs around the world, everyone can have access and know the best cryptocurrency that the digital economic market offers today, which is none other than Dash.

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