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Dash Nation Founder Tao Of Satoshi has proposed to be Dash Community Lead. Please see below for a copy of his proposal from

Hi, my name is Tao Of Satoshi.

Most of you know me already from the forums and on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram as the Dash Nation Dalmatian.

I am a very friendly person by nature, and have the ability and patience to deal with many different types of people on a regular basis. I have held a job as a Table Games Supervisor in a casino for 20 years, so I have experience dealing with people on a regular basis.

I believe deeply in Dash and in the team which creates and surrounds it. The ride we’ve been on has been incredible, we are on the cutting edge of money and being a part of that has been amazing.

It’s what led me to devote nearly 100% of my free time to promoting and explaining Dash. From my MASTERNODE SETUP GUIDE FOR DUMMIES, to my popular Twitter account, to my fledgling YouTube account, to my RebelMouse Dash Nation website, to the troll-slaying BCT Dash Nation Progress Thread, to the new Dash Nation website, my heart bleeds Dash.

So now that I’ve shown you my credentials, I will get to the point of the proposal. I have discussed this with members of the community and Evan, and ask for your support as well:

Proposal: Tao Community Lead

Over my travels through the interwebs I have noticed that there is a decent amount of miscommunication in the community. People don’t have the information they need on some things due to the fact that plans change without notice sometimes, or answers to questions on forums often don’t get answered due to core team members being too busy to monitor forums because they are working on building digital cash.

I’m proposing to help with that situation by becoming the Community Lead. Allow me to define what my role will be. It will be split up into two categories: Community Builder, and Community Coordinator.

Community Builder (A continuation of current daily work)

– Grow the community by reaching out to newbies via my accounts on Twitter, the forums, YouTube, Reddit, and my two personal Dash Nation websites.
– Ensure that the official Dash Twitter is up-to-date.
– Encourage people to visit
– Promote a strong community and reach out to outside talent to develop Dash.
– Work with my team on the Dash Slack Channel to create new and interesting ideas to promote the Dash community online and in person.
– Availability to join the team for conferences and expos to lend my personable disposition to the cause.
– Encourage the creation of Masternodes through my channels and guide.

Community Coordinator (New responsibilities)

– Enhance communication between the core team and community. Sometimes things change and are not communicated effectively, and that leads to misunderstandings and people making assumptions. I will commit to being a liaison for both sides. Core messages to the community, and community questions for the core team.
– Monitor the forums, Reddit, and Twitter for potential breakdowns in communication and resolve to get the answers or input needed to fix them.

If we are to have an effective organization, we will have to have a strong link between the core team and the community. I will help maintain that link. The core team will resolve to provide me with the answers I need to do my job properly, and I resolve to do my job efficiently, and in as little time as possible, balancing my family and work life.


To do this job, I am asking for a regular core team member’s stipend of 61 Dash per month. I guarantee you, it will be money well spent. I have done a lot for Dash in two years, and I would like to do even more to propel this project forward. The initial proposal is for 6 months, after which you can re-evaluate my performance.

To progress, optimism and decentralized technology. To Dash.


We wish Tao the best of luck with his proposal.

If you are a masternode owner, here are your options:

To vote yes:

mnbudget vote-many

b8f14d8ec53ab95a3676d40deabc41d74f9774a06cf5773017ac00d86492b465 yes

To vote no:

mnbudget vote-many

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