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In line with the vision of the Dash Core Group, led by CEO Ryan Taylor, to make Dash one of the leading cryptocurrencies and a universal brand, partnerships have been invoked with major businesses and brands all over the globe in order to increase the adoption of Dash as coin of preference for trading and finance. One of these partnerships, has led to ease in online shopping from major online stores such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart for users of Dash in the United States.

Dash on

Dash, along with other digital currencies, has been included on the second party online shopping platform, With the creation of an account on, one can shop for all the goods available on e-commerce websites such Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, without opening individual accounts in these online stores. Additional ease of transactions is also afforded the prospective buyer(s) due to the elimination of exchanges and complicated steps or forwarding to extra websites; as it is expressed on their welcome page, “it is a one-stop, one-step shopping experience’.

Gone are the days when buyers were forced to convert their digital currencies to Bitcoin before making purchases. Now, has created a new frontier where you can buy all the items you need from the aforementioned stores, with the currency in your digital wallet. It’s very advantageous to a prospective buyer trading with Dash, because Dash has one of the fastest transaction times of all the cryptocurrencies (transactions reach speeds of less than a second), which would make an already easy transaction, easier. In addition, provides the customer with the opportunity to be a Token holder, through which one can get up to 15% discount on any purchase you make on Amazon, Walmart or eBay through Token holders are also offered international shipping, while regular customers are afforded free shipping from Amazon and eBay to the United States.

At, there is also a dedicated team for customer support via chat or mail, that receives complaints on pending orders or refunds. Tracking of purchases is also possible using Bluecare tracking services. Shipping duration in the U.S is usually within one to two days.

Positive effects on Dash adoption in the U.S.

With, Dash should be seen as the ideal currency for e-commerce due to its rapid transaction times, as opposite to Bitcoin which takes several minutes or even hours to process a single transaction. Hence increased influx of buyers using the platform should also translate to increase in the usage and adoption of Dash. Partnerships like these in the long run, would positively affect the growth of Dash towards being the foremost digital currency in the world.

Conclusively, as a Dash user looking to shop on Amazon, eBay or Walmart, you can visit the website for more info on how to seamlessly purchase your goods from the comfort of your home or office, using your Dash.

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