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Good news is arriving in Nigeria, cryptocurrencies continue their growth within this African country. Recently, one of the most recognized platforms within this nation such as Quidax Exchange, welcomed Dash into its cryptocurrency lineup, available for use and transact with within the country.

Who are they at Quidax Exchange?

Quidax is an Africa-focused cryptocurrency exchange that makes it easy for you to buy / sell Bitcoin, USDT and other cryptocurrencies, and recently Dash joined this prestigious list.

Also, Quidax allows Fintech companies to offer cryptocurrency services to their clients through its cryptocurrency API. With this information and data, the important weight that this platform has within the digital economy in this country is confirmed. For Dash, being able to enter the cryptocurrency catalog of this important platform is undoubtedly a great step that consolidates its application by users.

Uzo Awili who is Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Quidax said the following:

“In recent months, we have seen a growing number of companies and individuals using cryptocurrencies to send and receive money from around the world faster and cheaper than ever. Several of these companies and individuals used cryptocurrencies for the first time this year and continued to use them after that.

Naturally, adding another cryptocurrency that helps our customers transact faster and with almost zero transaction fees was a no-brainer. “

Dash benefits and contribution to this platform

Dash cryptocurrency can be used to send money from one place to another, just like Bitcoin. However, Dash transactions are faster (2 seconds), cheaper (fees close to zero), and allow optional privacy. These are features and benefits that only Dash can offer. Recently, a 2020 investigation by Chainalysis determined that Nigeria ranks 8th out of 154 countries when it comes to cryptocurrency activity globally.

Referring to this development, Nathaniel Luz, Dash Nigeria leader, said:

“Faced with the shortage of foreign exchange (FX) in Nigeria, more and more people are turning to cryptocurrencies like Dash as a way to pay their suppliers and partners in other countries, as well as to receive remittances.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Nigeria ranks eighth in the world.

With Dash now at Quidax, anyone in Nigeria can purchase Dash with their debit card or via bank transfer and send it to anyone anywhere in the world.

Quidax also integrated Dash’s InstantSend feature, which makes it possible for transactions to be received in a second, an obvious advantage over other cryptocurrencies.

Dash is becoming the best option, its impact on every continent is being noticed. News like these highlights the work of all of us who help Dash to be used by everyone around the world.

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