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As a cryptocurrency project that started with English being the only language of communication, Dash had a relatively limited sphere of influence over the first couple of years. Over time, however, Dash began capturing the hearts and minds of multi-lingual individuals who started teaching its concepts to others in different languages. Fast-forward to today, and there is Dash content in quite a few languages around the world. Spanish is the language that’s seen the lion’s share of global Dash acceptance, but there is significant representation in German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Polish, Thai, French, and Italian, among others.

The Italian Dash community is led by a pair of hard workers, known as Antonello and Alogen69 on Discord. They are working tirelessly to bring the word of Dash to their countrymen. As part of their work and passion, they attempt to land Italian cryptocurrency influencers to talk about Dash. They do this with the knowledge that if people really take the time to give Dash and its user experience a chance, they will become fans as well and work to bring more and more people into Dash Nation.

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Marco Crotta, host of Blockchain Caffe

One of the content creators that they contacted goes by the name of Marco Crotta. He is one of the most famous Italian cryptocurrency influencers, the host of the YouTube channel Blockchain Caffe. This is a show where Mr. Crotta, as a programmer, breaks down the complicated technology of digital currency into easy-to-understand terms. He teaches his fellow countrymen in a relaxed way, and has amassed a following of well over 12,000 Italians.

Upon making an aquaintance and friendship with Antonello and Alogen69, Mr. Crotta became a fan of Dash, its technology and goals. He agreed to create a video for his followers that focused on this leading cryptocurrency for payments. If you understand Italian, here is the video he created:

Impressed with Dash and its features

In this Blockchain Caffe video (for those who don’t speak Italian), Mr. Crotta doesn’t compare Dash to Bitcoin, but just reports on Dash’s industry-leading features of instant, secure, and inexpensive transactions. He begins the video explaining how Dash was born and continues to mention how Dash aims to be digital cash for the world. He also covers its governance system, structure, technical specifications, and future goals. He is also impressed with Dash’s security features of InstantSend and Chainlocks.

Mr. Crotta is very excited about Dash, and would certainly work with Dash Nation again in future collaborations. He would be a very good addition to the movement towards financial freedom through Dash, as his skillset lines up well with our goals. Great work by the Italian speakers to get him on board. The dream of Dash as a digital cash for the world just became one step closer to reality.


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