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Cryptocurrency exchange platforms are in an exponential boom, due to the constant demand that they have experienced in recent months from countries around the world.

As a result, customers look for the best option when it comes to selling or buying their cryptocurrencies. There are some that are in high demand such as Binance, Etoro, and Cex.IO. However, there is one that stands out above the rest, in my opinion. Its name is: LocalCryptos, being preferred by many users around the world.


What is LocalCryptos?

LocalCryptos is a platform specialized in the P2P exchange of Bitcoin, Ether, but with the particularity of offering transactions with escrow without custodian and end-to-end encrypted communications (chat).

As a curious fact, the platform held a contest at the beginning of this year to include a new cryptocurrency to its catalog: the candidates were Litecoin, Eos and Dash.

Litecoin won by a short margin of difference, and it was added to the platform in June.

However, the other cryptocurrency that obtained many votes on par with Litecoin to join this platform was precisely Dash, enjoying a great reception from users. As a result of that, the platform decided on June 29 to add it to its exchange system, an action that was finally executed on October 1, 2020.

Dash joins the Local Cryptos catalog

Dash continues to grow, and now it has reached the Local Cryptos buying and selling platform.

Starting today, users from all over the world can buy and sell Dash, since this platform has enabled its use. This is, without a doubt, excellent news for Dash users since it is a new way of offering the services that this cryptocurrency has to offer in every corner of the planet.

From October 1 to October 3, users were able to enjoy bonuses, promotions and enjoy three days of zero commissions, in addition to rewards all month long. An excellent initiative by Dash and LocalCryptos to further encourage users to learn about the best cryptocurrency in the digital market.

Education on the digital economy within universities throughout Venezuela.

Finally, as a celebration of the union between Dash and Local Cryptos, they took the initiative to give talks within universities located in Venezuela, in order to educate young people about the use of cryptocurrencies, their different and multiple characteristics and above all by showing them the best cryptocurrency in the market: Dash.

This initiative is called “Crypto Campus Tour Venezuela”, and this tour will be carried out by different universities in Venezuela, throughout this month of October.

According to information from both companies, the Tour aims to visit 4 of the most important universities in the country, such as the Andrea Bello Catholic University located in Caracas, the Yacambu University located in Barquisimeto and the Universidad de Oriente in Margarita.

“These talks will be 100% virtual, although there will be exclusive sessions for the entire university community, where information can be exchanged, scholarships for crypto mining courses can be awarded, and then, these sessions can be seen on Dash channels such as YouTube and in the universities.”

Ernesto Contreras, Head of Development at Dash Core Group

Contreras concluded by saying that the confirmation of a fourth university is expected, although he also added that it was expected to be able to repeat the activity in more universities, and closed with the idea that “education and technological development are activities that will help the crypto ecosystem grow in the country and in the region.”

Dash continues to grow and strengthen in the market. It continues to expand its service throughout Venezuela and the rest of the world, providing its knowledge to communities and new users who will undoubtedly know the future in the best digital currency for payments.

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