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Traders are always looking to gain an edge in the highly competitive digital currency exchange scene. Often decisions are made in seconds by human traders and microseconds by trading bots. Timing is everything, and time lost in either direction of a trade results in a less than efficient, sub-optimal financial result. In short, time is money, and delays result in money being left on the table.

To gain an advantage against their peers, traders have employed various techniques. They try to use exchanges that offer a higher level of liquidity, they design trading bots that are consistently gauging market sentiment in order to make micro-trades that add up to financial gains for the builder, and they’ve tried to use digital currencies for inter-exchange trading that arrive at their destinations in a short time to take advantage of arbitrage.

dash fastpass

In an industry-first, Dash has announced a network of exchanges and trading software that feature Dash’s InstantSend technology to massively enhance the cryptocurrency trading experience. These exchanges and trading software will allow traders to fully take advantage of the potential arbitrage opportunities that inter-exchange trading provides. Using this high-level network of exchanges and trading software will directly result in the user having a technological edge and a better financial result.

A next-generation trading experience: Dash FastPass

Dash, the leading cryptocurrency for payments, has announced the Dash FastPass network of exchanges and trading software, designed to make its users enjoy faster inter-exchange times and more precise on-exchange trading. Faster cold-to-hot wallet transfer times are also promised to the users of Dash’s FastPass network. This network can be taken advantage of no matter what is your favorite currency for trade. A simple exchange to Dash, followed by a quick transfer to another partner exchange, followed by a quick transfer back to your currency. The whole process will take minutes (seconds in some cases), rather than hours.

Please watch this short video by Amanda B. Johnson explaining the new Dash FastPass network:


Some of the exchanges that will form this new, innovative network are Coinbase Pro, Liquid, Indodax, and Whitebit. The trading software that will support this new way of trading are Hummingbot and Quadency. More exchanges and trading software solutions are expected to join as this rollout proves successful in time.

A multi-faceted initiative, inclusive of newcomers to trading

In addition to the innovative trading solutions offered by Dash FastPass, the network of exchanges in coordinance with Dash has committed to providing tools for novice traders to enter the game and be instantly up-to-date with the latest solutions designed to give them an edge and make money from a superior trading environment and technology.

Find out more about Dash’s innovative FastPass network at

What do you think about this new initiative to directly help traders in any currency get an advantage through Dash? Let us know in the comments below. Dash is always inventing solutions to take the digital currency experience to the next level, and this latest undertaking is no exception.

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